Democrats play video of John McCain at Senate trial to show US support for Ukraine

The time has come for House Democrats to bring the case against President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial he invoked the Republican from Arizona to highlight the importance of preserving the strategic alliance between the US and Ukraine and showed a video of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate discussing the geopolitical relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

In the clip, McCain says of Russian President Vladimir Putin: "I think it makes you very nervous, if there was a success in Ukraine in promoting a free and open society and an economic success, which is not the case in Russia."

The senators seemed genuinely surprised – and some looked comforted – by McCain's momentary presence in the chamber.


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, McCain's best friend and now a close ally of President Trump, looked at the ceiling for a moment as the clip ended.

When it was all over, Graham folded his hands and looked back at House Intelligence President Adam Schiff, one of the House managers who presented the case to the Democrats, who were speaking before the clip was shown.

House impeachment managers end their case with Trump's obstruction

Graham told CNN that when looking at the ceiling, he was taken with "nostalgia" by his friend.


"John, the man who said we should do a no-fly zone in Syria, the man who said we shouldn't leave Iraq. Sometimes the lonely voice for doing things that people are tired of," said Graham.

Speaking at the Senate floor, Schiff described McCain as an "American hero and war statesman who is no stranger to that body" and reminded senators that the late senator had once said in an interview: "We are all Ukrainians" in a program. US-Ukraine solidarity.

Schiff went on to say, "Senator McCain advised that this is a game of chess remaining from the Cold War and we need to understand that and act accordingly," and added that "strong bipartisan support for Ukraine reflects what Senator McCain said was an opportunity. for the United States to undermine Russian leverage in Eastern Europe by building, to quote, a success in Ukraine ".


House Democrats argued during the impeachment trial that the president's actions in relation to Ukraine – and, in particular, his effort for an investigation into the family of his former political rival, Vice President Joe Biden, on a phone call in 25 July with the Ukrainian President – – compromised the vital relationship between the USA and Ukraine. Democrats are now on the third and final day of presenting arguments in favor of impeachment and sentencing at the Senate trial.

McCain died in 2018 at 81 after a battle with brain cancer. He left a powerful legacy in the Senate and his death was met with a wave of sadness and praise for his life on both sides of the corridor.

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