Delaware Republican Party leader deposed after comment highlighting Jewish supporters of Trump impeachment


The Sussex County Republican Committee voted on Monday to remove Nelly Jordan from her position as vice president, according to Jane Brady, president of the Delaware Republican Party. Committee members were invited to vote if they had confidence in Jordan's ability for continue in a leading position.

Jordan was criticized earlier this month for an anti-Semitic Facebook post denouncing impeachment, highlighting the Jewish people and claiming that those who support President Donald Trump's impeachment are Jewish "in name only". The Delaware News Journal reported.

CNN reached Jordan but did not receive a response.


"I apologize for raising questions about a people, faith and culture whose beliefs span a broad political spectrum. No matter how heated our collective discourse becomes, it should never cross the line like me," she wrote.

Brady said he spoke to Jordan, who did not deny making the comments but denied that they were anti-Semitic.

"They were offensive and offended people and showed disrespect for the way she referred to people of the Jewish faith, and that is enough for the people who elected her to lose confidence in her," Brady told CNN. "Some people thought their comments were anti-Semitic and others thought they were not."


In a statement to CNN, a Republican National Committee official said: "We condemn hateful and anti-Semitic comments in the strongest possible terms. There is no place for them in the Republican Party."

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