DeAndre Baker’s alibi is … ‘Madden’? Lawyer says Giants CB was busy playing video game

DeAndre Baker attended a party marked by an alleged armed robbery police and said that Baker helped perpetrate last week, but one of Baker's lawyers, in denying the charges, presented a new alibi allegation: video games, specifically " Madden ".

Patrick Patel told the New York Post on Tuesday the Giants' cornerback arrived at the party armed only with a game console, controllers and a charger, not his weapon, for which he has permission.


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"Away from an individual who is going somewhere with an alleged intention of assaulting someone, an armed robbery, to go there and turn on his game & # 39; Madden & # 39 ;, play the game for over an hour and then leave it there and go home, "Patel told the Post.

To hear Patel tell, Baker "jumped" as soon as he heard a disturbance in another room in the house where the party was taking place on May 13. He didn't even bother to take his "Madden" gear, added Patel. .


"He has nothing to do with the turmoil. He hasn't even seen it. The only thing he sees is out of the corner of his eye a table being turned and everyone running, screaming and shouting. And he's out," Patel told the Post.

Patel also told the Post that he is working to support his claim, gathering electronic evidence that Baker was logged in and playing "Madden" the night of the assault.


Defender Baker and Seahawks, Quinton Dunbar, surrendered to the police in Broward County, Florida, last week after arrest warrants have been issued. Baker and Dunbar were charged with four armed robbery crimes. Baker was also charged with four counts of aggravated assault. The men are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in cash and revelers' watches.

Witnesses gave sworn statements to the police, identifying Dunbar and Baker as perpetrators along with a third man, but the players' lawyers are vigorously challenging the veracity of these statements.

Baker was released from county jail on Sunday after paying $ 200,000 bail. Another of his lawyers, Bradford Cohen, filed a written declaration of not guilty on Monday.

Baker could be sentenced to 15 years in each of the armed robberies counted, if convicted, the Post noted.


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