Dance at Mr Green’s Spin Off Party And Get Free Spins

Your best dance shoes are needed for the latest Mr Green promotion, as well as your best moves on the dance floor, because the Reel Thrill party has started and, if you win the contest, you can pocket up to 250 free spins in all Reel tournaments Thrill. !

Every day during May, players will have the opportunity to participate in many Reel Thrill tournaments, where they will compete with other players for a share of 1,000 free spins or enhanced free spins. If you would like more information on how to participate in the action in any of the Reel Thrill tournaments, please click here.


In tournaments where 1,000 free spins are shared, a total of 22 players receive their share of the reward, with the number of gifts received ranging from 25 to 250. In addition, there are double free spins tournaments and will be shared between 11 players in all tournaments, with the biggest reward in 150 gifts.

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