Dana White hasn’t spoken to Conor McGregor about fighting, is bracing for Mike Tyson return

UFC President Dana White said he did not speak to Conor McGregor about his next fight, but believes that Mike Tyson has something "lined up" before his return to boxing.

McGregor has not fought since January and the Irishman is eager to return to the octagon amid the coronavirus pandemic. He was vocal on social media, calling Justin Gaethje earlier this month after the American dominated Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 behind closed doors in Jacksonville, Florida.


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White said the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion just had to wait for time.

"Conor and I don't talk about fights," White told ESPN. "If you're Conor, sitting at home, everyone is calling you, in all the weight divisions. Who's next?" [heavyweight Daniel Cormier] call you, do you know? Conor, his personality, he will answer that.


"I think what Conor needs to do is sit back and let these fights begin. Obviously, the most important division is the 155 kg weight" [lightweight] division. See what happens. "


Away from the octagon and boxing, Tyson seems to be approaching an impressive comeback. The former heavyweight champion fought professionally for the last time in 2005, but the 53-year-old cut an incredibly good figure amid ties with Evander Holyfield, Tito Ortiz and Tyson Fury.

"Originally, I came out and said, 'Listen, I wish Mike didn't fight'," said White. "I even got a TV show for Mike, to try to stop him from fighting. But Mike Tyson is an adult man, he can do whatever he is. The guy is powerful, looks explosive and is in great shape."

"From what I'm hearing from them, they have something lined up, something big. He's going to go in there. We talked about it and he said, 'Listen, I feel that fire in my stomach. I want to go in there and mix it up again. totally in favor of it ".


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