Criminal gang member reveals how they kidnapped and killed 21-year-old man in Anambra

One of the alleged killers of a 21-year-old man, Leo Micah, in Anambra The state revealed how they committed the heinous act.

The young man was kidnapped last week in the state of Imo by some men in military uniforms and taken to Anambra, where he was killed.


The bandits who claimed to be soldiers arrested Leo and accused him of being a fraudster.

They forced him to “unidentified cars without a license plate number and took him with his car to Anambra, where they held him hostage and demanded the rescue of the N4million.

Micha's dead body was recovered a few days later in a bush in Anambra.


The dead man's hands were handcuffed behind him, while a heavy stone used by the suspects to kill him was found near his decomposing body.

The suspect, who was caught while planning to sell Micah's Lexus-350 SUV and handed over to the Special Theft Squad (SARS) in Owerri, said he was fired from the Nigerian Army in 2018.


He also revealed that one of his accomplices is a soldier.

According to him, gang members accused Micah of being a fraudster before arresting him.

The suspect told police detectives that the gang killed the young man with a large stone and then dumped a substance on him.

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He said: “We arrested him in the name that he was a Yahoo boy. So, we collected his car. Emmanuel and Ifeanyi Nwiwu used this stone to kill him.


“Emmanuel and Ifeanyi, who are soldiers in Makurdi used this stone to kill this man.

“I was once a soldier. I was fired in 2018. ”Watch the video below:

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