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An archival photo of Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje-

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje urged his colleagues in the north to avoid "making a noise" about COVID-19 positive Almajiri children and to provide the necessary care.


The governor who spoke at a press conference on Sunday said that the fact that he was not making noise does not mean that everything Almajiri brought back to Kano from other northern states is healthy.

“We agreed at the Northern Governors Forum that all Almajiris have moved to their home states. That is why we are sending, in good faith and procedures, all non-Kano Almajiris to their respective states of origin.

“As we send Almajiris back to their home states, we are also receiving Almajiris from other indigenous Kano states. But the fact that we are not making a fuss about it does not mean that everyone is healthy without COVID-19 infections. But we are not making a policy of it, because we all believe that what they need most now is not making noise or advertising. What they need at this critical time is to take care, ”he said.


The governor of Kano state sent hundreds of Almajirai back to their home states, with many of them testing positive for COVID-19 when they were tested on return to their respective states.

The move drew criticism, but Ganduje defended the state's action, saying it was agreed between northern governors.

An archive photo of the Almajiri children.

“People should also understand that these children were not infected in the process of being transported to their respective states. Therefore, making noise is not suitable as a way forward.

"All we are doing is simply complying with the Northern Governors' Forum's decision that all Almajiris in our states are simply taken back to their respective states," said Ganduje.

The Kano state government had initiated the evacuation of children from Almajiri to their respective states of origin, most of which now have a positive result for COVID-19.

Governor Ganduje, at the briefing, emphasized that he also received Almajiris from other northern states, some of whom were positive, but he decided not to make any noise about it.


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