COVID-19 pandemic will end soon, says Adeboye

Gbenga Omokhunu, Abuja

The general superintendent of the Rescued Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, said on Sunday "only those who have reached the time will die", while the world and Nigeria are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). "

He said the siege of the current COVID-19 saga will end soon.


According to the most recent division of the Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC), Lagos State leads with 59 cases, followed by 16 in Abuja, Ogun – 3, Oyo – 7, Edo – 2, Bauchi – 2, Enugu – 2, Osun – 2 while the states of Ekiti, Kaduna, Rivers and Benue each present one case of infection.

While one death has been recorded, at least three patients have been discharged so far after they have fully recovered from the disease.

Pastor Adeboye, who addressed his congregation around the world through a live broadcast on Sunday on DOVE Television with the topic: & # 39; Peace, be quiet & # 39 ;, said: "There is no reason to fear, only those whose time has come will () ”, said the former teacher. “Furthermore, if He is on your boat, he can never sink. But if He is not in your boat, who can you turn to when there are problems? It is only in the family of God that there is security when problems arise. "


“I am also on mandatory vacation. I was supposed to be in four nations this April for conferences of ministers and services of the Holy Spirit, but now I can't go. All I do now is wake up in the morning, have a good meal and enjoy the day. Isn't that a good thing? "

He also criticized those "who criticized him for saying that God knew about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, urging the congregation to" just pray for them ".


He went further: “God wants to prove that he is still responsible. Those who are saying that this has nothing to do with God proving themselves, continue to pray for them.

“Keep praying for them. Because I remember saying to Almighty God, that there are people who will not believe it has anything to do with you. If I tell them as usual, they will scoff.

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“I said before, the world will be on mandatory vacation because God wants to prove that he is still in charge. As this is already happening, as you can see, you must also believe that you should relax. I am talking to those of you who are my children that no harm will come near you.

“When I spoke to my father about my pain, about all the people who are dying and those who will still die, he assured me that only those who have reached the time of death will die. So, if your time has not arrived, relax and enjoy your vacation.


“The problem (COVID-19) will soon be over. As soon as God proves himself, as soon as all the nations of the world, large and small, have fulfilled these mandatory holidays, the problem will end ”.


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