COVID-19: NCDC admits error in number of cases confirmed by A & # 39; Ibom

The Nigeria Disease Control Center, NCDC, says the Akwa Ibom state government was right to insist that only 16 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the state.


The Center maintains that it repeated a sample test erroneously, which resulted in the 17 cases previously registered for the state.

The NCDC's apology in its last update on Saturday morning regretted the error and said Akwa Ibom had only 16 confirmed cases.

According to the NCDC, “on May 14, 4 cases reported on Plateau and 1 on Akwa Ibom were repeated cases


Therefore, Plateau has a total of 21 cases and Akwa Ibom a total of 16 cases

"We apologize to the state governments for the error and remain committed to ensuring accurate reporting," concluded the statement.


State Health Commissioner Dr. Dominic Ukpong told reporters a few days ago that the number of cases confirmed by COVID-19 in Akwa Ibom was slightly less than the number published by the NCDC.

Widespread criticism and media attacks left their comment, with most people claiming that the state government was trying to hide the real situation in the state.

However, the correction made by the NCDC also confirmed Governor Udom Emmanuel's sincerity and commitment to fight the pandemic and rid the state of the dreaded virus.

Just two weeks ago, the NCDC judged the state as one of the main pamphlets in tracking contacts, with 99.1% success being recorded.


Akwa Ibom state first confirmed cases of five people suffering from the disease on April 1, 2020, but after an aggressive process of tracking contacts and providing quality health care, the state has not witnessed an alarming rate of infections.


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