COVID-19 CURFEW: Stop harassing journalists, essential workers, Nigerian govt tells security agents

The Federal Government has warned security agencies to stop harassing journalists and other essential service workers as they COVID-19 curfew imposed by President Muhammadu Buhari on the country, in an attempt to contain the spread of the dreaded virus in the country.

According to the Federation's government secretary (SGF), Chief Mustapha, who issued the alert on Wednesday during a press conference organized by the Presidential Task Force at COVID-19 in Abuja, journalists and essential service workers belong to the class of those exempt from the curfew imposed on the country.


SGF said: “If journalists and suppliers are not considered essential services, I believe they are because, whatever we do here, if you do not report, the news item will not be released; advertisements that we carry in newspapers, radio and televisions that should improve and equip our people with knowledge and information so that they can make informed decisions would not be disseminated.

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“So, I believe that anything related to the press is considered an essential service in order to allow free passage. We will see the problem that happened in Lagos, because if we expect the nets to remain in operation all night, when it comes to movement, our security agencies must be adaptable enough to know that these people are coming from their locations. work and give them access to return home. "

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