Covid 19 Advisory Group discuss GAA roadmap plans

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The dedicated GAA Advisory Group met to discuss a draft GAA plan roadmap. The group will advise GAA on the return of the protocols.

According to RTE Sport, the group met on Monday night to discuss procedures and opening GAA's land and properties. The committee is now expected to meet regularly. He will recommend a path that is appropriate to the amateur status of GAA and culture. The advisory group is aware of the effect of club enclosures in rural Ireland. In a statement, they said, "When the time comes, the GAA Management Committee will decide when to get back to training and games and how we will get back."


Continued,“The Covid-19 Advisory Group was established to advise GAA from a health and well-being perspective. “The mission will focus on protocols for returning to the play around the training, reproduction and facilitation of spectators safely – when the time comes. “There are other specific areas that need to be analyzed carefully as well.

The spokesman said the rules would have to be established regarding the opening of ball and handball courts. "For example, we may need specific rules to be drawn up for the handball alley or court opening convention, and the committee will be invaluable in drafting documents for these scenarios."


An update is expected on May 18. However, an imminent return to the game is unlikely, according to the spokesman. “Certainly, no one could imagine an imminent return to play, as the downward movement in the Covid-19 infection rate is not enough at the moment.

RTE Sport also reports that it expects the committee to announce a phased approach for players returning to training. As with the current football guidelines in Italy and Spain, where training in large groups is prohibited, I would expect something similar to happen here. It will probably start in smaller groups, before moving on to large contactless group training and then full training.

RTE also said that the Covid 19 advisory committee will provide advice and safety details on how everyone involved in the sport can be safely involved. In addition, advice will also be given on the match, as well as the use of the facilities and the preparation of the stadium. The committee itself is made up of some medical specialists with experience in GAA, Croke Park administrator and representatives of GPA and women's football and camogie associations.

At the beginning of last week, it was reported that 57% of club players would return to training if a vaccine was in effect. However, it seems likely that a vaccine will not be in effect until next year.



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