COVID-19, 5G and the place of common sense

By Jude Ndukwe

MR: No matter what theory someone is propagating as the reason for the coronavirus outbreak and the human race's vulnerability to it, that theory must be factual, evidence-based and scientifically proven. If it is factual, it will help the world to defeat the virus and defend itself against a similar outbreak in the future; if not, the world would plunge into the darkness of ignorance about it, while also losing out on the enormous benefits.

While there are theories linking 5G to the global coronavirus pandemic, global trends have proven that this link is empty and unsustainable, as most countries that have deployed the 5G network have experienced some of the sharpest and most significant decline in the pandemic, even while increasing the pandemic. 5G deployment.


For example, South Korea, which is one of the countries with the largest deployment of the 5G network, deployed in 85 cities in January, did not suffer any coronavirus infection until February 19, when 27 cases showed positive results. The country suffered the greatest number of infections, 851, in one day on March 3, but since then it has suffered a steady decline, as it registered no infection on May 6, despite not having suspended its 5G deployment.

More interesting is Sweden, which went into operation with the 5G network since December 2018, but only suffered its first coronavirus infection a year and three months later on March 3, with 15 cases with positive tests. The common sense place here is that, if it was true that 5G had some connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, why then did it wait a year and three months after implantation in Sweden before it started affecting citizens and only after the scourge became a worldwide pandemic?

Although Estonia, like Sweden, went live with 5G in December 2018, the country did not register any cases of coronavirus until March 5, when it registered three cases. That was another year and three months after the launch of 5G in the country. And since then, the country has experienced a rapid and steady decline in the number of people infected with the virus, as, on May 10, the country recorded only six cases. This is despite the country never suspending 5G services. While 5G services are rising, the pandemic in Estonia is decreasing.


Although China has some of the highest numbers of infections, it has experienced a rapid and steady decline since February 12, when it had 14,108 cases in one day and has had no cases for a long time, although its 5G services are still very active.

There is no way that the United States of America would not have canceled its 5G services, having recorded the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths in the world, if there were really any connection between 5G and the virus. These are countries that highly value the lives of their citizens and would do anything, including the permanent cancellation of any technology that destroys their citizens so much. It is time to stop being afraid of technological advances; it's time to hug them.


The advantages of having the 5G network cannot be overemphasized. This will change the way we do things radically, making life easier and better. With an unprecedented speed of up to 10 Gbit / s over time, a response time that will drop from the current 25 to 35 milliseconds to just a few milliseconds, with more devices enabled to transfer much more data, which may mean that we can transfer so much data in a day, as we currently do in a week, its efficiency and many other merits of the new network, would be economically suicidal, socially asphyxiating and technologically backward if we allow the rest of the world to leave us so behind because of some unfounded fears about a technology that we should be running to embrace rather than demonize.

The coronavirus pandemic, like any other pandemic that has hit the world in the past, will soon pass. When that happens, the 5G network will remain and the world would be better for it. The sooner we embrace you, the better. Although I understand people's fears and sympathize with them for their fears for 5G, evidence from around the world where 5G has been in operation shows that the network is innocent of all charges against it.

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