Court sentences Iranian dissident blogger to death

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Prominent Iranian dissident and blogger Ruhollah Zam was sentenced to death on Tuesday by a revolutionary court in Tehran.

Court spokesman Gholam-Hussein Ismaili said Zam could still appeal to the country's highest court.


Revolutionary courts in Iran preside over cases of espionage and threats to national security.

Zam is accused of using his website, Amad News, to spread propaganda against Iran's leadership and provoke protests against the regime, some of which have become violent.

In particular, he would have strongly condemned the alleged irregularities in the 2009 presidential elections, which saw the re-election of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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The blogger emigrated to France via Malaysia. Zam also conducted several interviews with Farsi-language broadcasters abroad, in which he expressed strong criticism of the Iranian leadership.

According to media reports, the blogger was reportedly lured to neighboring Iraq by Iranian security forces, where he was reportedly arrested last fall and taken to Iran for trial.


Since then, Zam has pleaded guilty in several hearings and asked for forgiveness.

Political commentators therefore expect the death sentence to be lifted during his appeal. (Dpa / NAN)

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