Coronavirus: WhatsApp hoax message claims UK lockdown will end in August

It’s one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, so it’s not surprising that Whatsapp is used regularly to spread fraudulent messages.


This week's most recent round joke claims to outline the UK's exit strategy and indicates the coronavirus the blockade will end in August.

The scam, which was first highlighted by Business Insider, was designed to look like official government advice and establishes a five-step plan, from May to August.

In fact, the strategy appears to be Ireland's exit strategy, which was revealed earlier in this week.


He claims that the British will be able to "meet up to four friends from other families" from 18 May, while some shops and outdoor sports facilities will also reopen this month.


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Meanwhile, the message also suggests that libraries could reopen in June, before museums and galleries open their doors in July.

Finally, the rumor claims that the fifth phase, starting on August 10, will see the lifting of most restrictions.


The scam alleges that the British will be able to "meet up to four friends from other families" from 18 May

He says: “In this phase, we will see the lifting of almost all restrictions. However, "large social gatherings", such as large weddings, will continue to be restricted due to risk ".

It is not yet clear who is behind the messages, who are currently making rounds on WhatsApp.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp made a conscious effort to try to reduce the spread of fake news on its platform.

The fraud message establishes an exit strategy for the UK

For example, last month, you applied a limit on the number of times a message could be forwarded.

WhatsApp explained: "Even if a message is shared many times, it does not make it true. Do not forward a message because the sender is asking you to do so.

“If you see something fake, tell the person who sent it and ask them to check the information before sharing it. If a group or contact is constantly sending fake news, report it. "

Mirror Online contacted WhatsApp for more comments.

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Boris Johnson it is expected to explain more about how and when the blocking can be eased – after the formal deadline for extending it on Thursday.

Today he said that the first measures will begin to be suspended on Monday "if we can".

He said PMQs : "The reason for this is very simple, as we need to make sure that the data will support our ability to do this.

"These data are coming in continuously over the next few days. We want to if we can move forward with some of these measures on Monday."


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