Coronavirus US live: Trump attacks Obama and the media as death toll nears 90,000 | World news

… And welcome to another day of coverage of the coronavirus epidemic and the policy surrounding it in the USA. I'm here until 9am (Brasília time), when Joan E Greve will take office in Washington.

First, Johns Hopkins University numbers in Maryland:

  • Cases in the USA: 1,486,469
  • Deaths in the USA: 89,559
  • New York cases: 340,661
  • Deaths in New York: 22,013

Other hard-hit states include New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. And cases are moving away from more urban states.

The Trump administration spent Sunday continuing its pivot in opening up the economy in the face of crippling unemployment in an election year. But on Sunday night one of those independent voices that the president finds so irritating, Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell, told CBS & # 39; 60 Minutes & # 39 ;, essentially, "Not so fast".

"This economy will recover," said Powell, but "it may take a while. It may take some time, it may extend until the end of next year, we don't really know."


Powell also said that unemployment could reach 25% and said the economy will not recover completely until Americans "feel they are safe".

Powell said: "Assuming there is no second wave of coronavirus, I think you will see the economy recover steadily until the second half of this year … People will have to be totally confident and this may have to wait the arrival of a vaccine. "


Short points for this purpose:

  • Many experts fear a second wave of coronavirus at the end of the year – a Trump administration complaint said last week that the US was facing "the darkest winter in modern history”And he talked about the country being“ in the shit ”.
  • The Trump administration's predictions about the development and availability of a vaccine are rated by most experts and even the Republican chairman of the Senate health committee as extremely ambitious at best.

Powell's interview always seemed to arouse the president's ire – he also asked for more stimulus spending by Congress, and although the House passed a $ 3 billion bill on Friday, the Republican Senate and the White House don't want it .

It's really Trump went to CBS on Sunday night. But he was much more concerned about the whistleblower, Rick Bright, whose interview, he said, showed that CBS and 60 Minutes were "doing everything in their power to demote our country, for the benefit of the radical Left Democrats."

Trump attacked Bright, although he characteristically claimed not to know him, and said that "this whole Whistleblower racket needs to be examined very carefully, it is causing great injustice and harm."


Remember that a whistleblower from the intelligence community triggered Trump's impeachment of his approaches to Ukraine in seeking help against his political rivals.


Trump appointed Senator Susan Collins, who of authorship whistleblower protection legislation, and said he hoped the Maine Republican was "listening". He also named CBS chief Shari Redstone and said he expected her to "take a look at her underperforming gang".

In other news on Sunday night, the Axios website reported that Trump is balanced for confirm its cut of all funding to the World Health Organization – in the middle of a pandemic. And he has received tips from Fox News.

More to come.

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