Coronavirus US live: Trump and Biden at heart of war over mask-wearing as deaths near 100,000 | World news

… And welcome to another day of coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. and the politics around it.

The death toll is still advancing to 100,000. After demanding that churches be allowed to reopen, Donald Trump spent Memorial Day weekend Saturday and Sunday playing golf and infuriating your enemies on Twitter. Among many other things, some absurdly offensive, he threatened to change the North Carolina Republican convention if the governor does not reopen the state and allows a packed arena. Others took note.


The New York Times calculates that the pandemic has been a much more deadly problem in blue democratic states than in red republicans. Masks are becoming a political issue: Trump didn't use one in public on Memorial Day, Joe Biden did. Trump retweeted criticisms of Biden by a Fox News personality.

"It can help explain why Trump doesn't like to wear a mask in public," Brit Hume I wrote, accompanying a photo of Biden in a mask and sunglasses.

Elsewhere, the Republican governor of North Dakota was close to tears how he asked people not to embarrass the people who use them. In Virginia, a Democratic governor who said that masks save lives went to the beach … without one.


O push to reopen the economy it continues, of course, when the summer begins and public health experts continue to warn that the reopening too soon could contribute to a second deadly wave of the virus. Wall Street Newspaper reports: "We passed the valley in terms of peak damage".

But Trump's economic advisor, Kevin Hassett, told CNN on Sunday that unemployment was over 20% and would likely reach double digits in the November elections. Hassett also referred to "human capital stock"Being ready to get back to work, which didn't go very well on Twitter. In addition, polls show that even the red states are reluctant to reopen too soon, however, their governors, pressured by Trump, continue to accelerate the pace.


A Washington Post title: "In crucial Florida, some senior voters take a skeptical look at Trump's re-election."

Another thing: this morning's Politico Playbook email, an essential item for policy tragics everywhere, is headline: "When powerful people think the rules are not for them”. But the works of Dominic Cummings, advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, are only his second item. The first is Gretchen Whitmer's husband supposedly "Pulling out the 'don't-know-who-am-I' card with a holiday boat dock worker in the middle of a pandemic that killed thousands of people in his state." The state is Michigan and Whitmer is on Joe Biden's short list of running buddies. So this part of the campaign started.

Here's Lauren Gambino about how dirty it gets out of here …

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