Coronavirus US live: Pelosi attacks Trump’s focus on reopening and says ‘death is not an economic motivator’ | US news

[On May 1, Trump’s] health and emergency management officials were warning in particular that states were still short of masks, aprons and other medical equipment, according to the taping of an inter-agency meeting between FEMA and HHS officials across the country, conducted by teleconference, obtained by POLITICIAN.

Trump's federal guidelines & # 39; Stay at Home & # 39; expired silently the night before, leaving the states to manage the pandemic as they please. Officials also expressed concern that governors who are moving to reopen their economies, while cases are still prevalent, threaten to plunge the country into a new and potentially deadly chapter of the outbreak.


"The death toll is definitely going to be high," said Daniel Jernigan, director of the flu division at the Center for Disease Control, at the beginning of a May 1 conference call. Jernigan did not respond to an email request for comment.

Minutes later, another official highlighted the risk the United States faces: if all states adopted their social distance restrictions, hospitals across the country could see a wave of new coronavirus cases, creating the potential for severe fan shortages in weeks .

& # 39; If, at the end of the home stay requests, you lift everything up and get back to normal, and have no mitigation from the community, I would expect to see in the second week of May that we will start to increase again in ventilator usa & # 39; said the official. "Which means that the cases increase and, in the beginning of June, we surpass the number of fans that we currently have".


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