Coronavirus US live: Obama criticizes Trump in virtual graduation speech | US news

As in 2016, the balance sheet states put national trends in focus. Democratic governors across the country often ask for caution, especially in big cities, citing public health concerns about a virus that killed more than 85,000 people in the United States – more than any other country in the world.

But Republican governors tend to err on reopening more quickly, alarmed that more than 36 million Americans have come forward unemployment claims since mid-March and retail sales fell 16.4% last month. Southern states like Georgia and Texas were the first to allow stores and companies to reopen.


"Vaccine or not, we are back" Trump said in the White House rose garden on Friday by announcing a major US unit to create a coronavirus vaccine.

Research shows Biden defeating Trump in battlefield states, but Wendy Schiller, a professor of political science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, warns that he still faces political pitfalls.

“The fundamental problem of the Democratic party is that, in order to defeat Trump, they almost have to root for a bad economy and also root for new ones [coronavirus] access points in oscillation states. It sounds horrible, but it really is so far what they are betting on to defeat Trump.


“And in this case, Trump is absolutely smarter than that and what he's offering, not just his base, but voters in the United States, is hope. It would be reminiscent, in a much less articulate way, of Ronald Reagan. He's basically saying, "I took you to the economically promised land once, I'm going to take you back to the economically promised land again."

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