Coronavirus survivors who test positive again & # 39; are not contagious & # 39 ;, say scientists

Since the coronavirus pandemic was declared in March, a question has puzzled scientists around the world – can you catch the virus twice?


Now, a new study claims it has recovered coronavirus patients can catch the virus again, but "are not contagious" the second time.

Researchers at the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined 285 people who tested positive for Covid-19 twice.

These people were found to have contacted 790 people, including 351 family members and 439 members of the public.


Despite these huge numbers, only three new cases of the virus were confirmed in the 790 people.

This indicates that people who get a coronavirus a second time are unlikely to be contagious.


Doctor or nurse with gloves and breathing mask holding a positive blood test for Coronavirus Covid-19

In their report, the researchers said: "From monitoring 790 contacts out of 285 positive cases, no cases were found that were recently infected just by contacting positive cases during the positive period."

The findings may help to lift blocking restrictions in the UK, with the suggestion of "immunity passports" for people who have already had the virus.

However, the government's scientific advisors themselves raised a huge list of problems with the idea of ​​immunity certificates or passports.


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Coronavirus prevention

In an April 13 article, the influenza pandemic scientific group on behavior (SPI-B) warned that rogue bosses could give riskier jobs to people who had Covid-19.

They said employers can "actively discriminate" against workers who have not been shown to have antibodies.

And any & # 39; immunity passport & # 39; – which has not yet been proven to work – can be hacked by people trying to "trick the system".


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