Coronavirus: NCDC says ban on mass gatherings has not been relaxed [ARTICLE]


Ihekweazu said this at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) media briefing on Thursday in Abuja.


“We are about to open our flights, airports and relax on long distance travel.


“We know that we have a family, we love people and that, in the coming weeks, we will all start to have this desire to visit our parents, uncles and aunts.



“We can also restart the funeral activities that we have postponed for months, start weddings, wine, birth, baptisms that we have postponed for months.

"Yes, it’s important to do these things and interstate travel will allow us to do that, but remember that we don’t relax the guidelines for mass meetings," he said.

The DG said that as more people became infected around the world, it was increasingly obvious that transmission among young people aged 20 to 40 years was driving the spread of the virus.

He noted that, as the country planned in the coming weeks or months, Nigerians need to remember that there are still restrictions on mass meetings.

“In addition, Nigerians need to show love and affection to the elderly, not exposing them to the virus as much as possible.

"For some people, exposure is inevitable due to the nature of this virus, but we must not contribute to increasing the risk.

"Looking through social media today, I saw a brilliant campaign in Edo State, entitled & # 39; our elderly, our pride & # 39 ;.

"For this to mean something to all of us, we need to put this into action."

The DG added that the NCDC was looking forward to working with Nigerians and, through the title of the campaign theme in Edo, & # 39; Our elders, our pride & # 39 ;, if that means something they can take seriously.

He asked Nigerians to wear a mask, postpone travel, avoid mass meetings and wash their hands.

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