Coronavirus live news: Brazil reports a record 881 deaths as Wuhan prepares to test 11m residents | World news

Brazil registered record 881 Covid-19 , said the ministry of health in 24 hours on Tuesday, bringing the total to 12,400 and making it the sixth most affected country in the world in terms of deaths, according to John Hopkins University. figures. Its total of 177,589 confirmed cases is the seventh highest in the world.

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro – who attacked the social isolation measures introduced by state governors – issued a decree declare beauty salons, gyms and barbers as "essential services" that could be opened. Several governors said they would ignore the decree.


Statues of the Monumento das Bandeiras are seen wearing masks during the spread of coronavirus disease in São Paulo, Brazil, May 12, 2020. Photo: Amanda Perobelli / Reuters

Bolsonaro was also battling his latest political crisis – fears that a Supreme Court judge could release one video of a ministerial meeting full of profanity on April 22, which allegedly includes its foreign minister, Ernesto Araújo, blaming China, Brazil's biggest trading partner, for the pandemic he called the "comunavirus" (or "communist virus" "), designed to dominate other nations.

Araújo debuted the term in a long text on his “anti-globalist” blog the same day.


“The coronavirus was awakened again for the communist nightmare. The comunavirus has arrived ”, he I wrote. The attorney general's office in Brazil argued against handing over the video to the Supreme Court, claiming it contained "potentially sensitive and reserved state subjects, including external relations", but was canceled.

Adding to the growing feeling that the far right of Brazil is increasingly disconnected from the horrible reality of the pandemic, spreads in poorer and densely crowded communities, the guru of the presidential family Olavo de Oak questioned its own existence on Tuesday.


"The fear of a supposedly deadly virus is nothing more than a horror story to cover the population and make them accept slavery as a gift from Santa Claus" tweeted the far-right astrologer and philosopher from Richmond, Virginia, who is believed to have recommended Araújo to the post, to its 291,000 followers.

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