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Wuhan, China reports zero new cases

Wuhan, a Chinese city of about 11 million people, where the Covid-19 pandemic began, did not register new asymptomatic cases on Sunday, according to Chinese health officials.

State media, Xinhua, said on Monday more than 60,000 nucleic acid tests were carried out on Sunday, finding no asymptomatic cases.

Chinese nurse Zhang Dan poses for a photo with colleagues at Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital in Wuhan, central Hubei Province, China, Friday, April 4, 2020. "src =" https: //i.guim. /0_138_3456_2072/master/3456.jpg?width=300&quality=85&auto=format&fit=max&s=38a868f5cb3fca76e851

Chinese nurse Zhang Dan poses for a photo with colleagues at Wuhan Lung Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, central China, Friday, April 4, 2020. Photo: Zhang Dan / AP

Earlier this month, the Chinese authorities drew up an ambitious plan with the apparent goal of having all 11 million Wuhan residents tested in 10 days, after an outbreak was detected in a residential home. Authorities reported tests up to 1.4 million people a day.

Xinhua said Sunday's results indicate that the mass testing campaign had an effect.

Continent China reported 16 new cases overall on Sunday, the highest daily number in three weeks. All were registered as imported cases – 11 in Sichuan province, three in Inner Mongolia and two in Guangdong.

The health commission also reported 16 asymptomatic cases – a distinction that Chinese health officials have made since April. Three of the asymptomatic cases were local transmission.

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