Coronavirus: Lagos shuts down Eti-Osa, Agidingbi isolation centres [ARTICLE]


While the Eti Osa center closed operations on Friday, July 31, patients with coronavirus at the Agidingbi Isolation Center will be transferred to the newly commissioned Indo-Center in Anthony's area.


"We have reached a stage where we need to balance the economics of that and which of these facilities we need to continue to operate.


"Some of them now have less than 20% occupancy" said the governor.



Sanwo-Olu also announced that the Infectious Diseases Hospital (HDI) in Yaba will gradually return to its previous status as a hospital that serves all forms of infectious diseases.

However, a dedicated 160-bed tent set up in the HDI by the private sector will remain strictly for patients with coronavirus.

Lagos recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in Nigeria, with 15,186 cases, 34.8% of the total of 43,537 cases in Nigeria, on August 1.

Sanwo-Olu said on Saturday that most of the 2,148 patients who recovered in the state did so under government supervision, through the home care strategy or at designated care centers.

The governor reported that testing capacity in the state has increased by 50% in the past two weeks.

Despite the increase in tests, there was a general decrease in positivity rates in the same period.

"Our ability to contain the pandemic depends significantly on the success we have in identifying existing cases" he said.

Sanwo-Olu raises restrictions

The governor announced in Saturday press conference that churches and mosques can finally resume services from 7 August, but with only a maximum of 50% of their capacity.

It is now also allowed to open restaurants for catering services from August 14, but also at 50% capacity.

Social clubs and recreational centers can also reopen from August 14, but after they have been certified by the state security commission.

The state also increased the capacity allowed for the public meeting from 20 to 50 people.

Nightclubs, cinemas and game galleries will remain closed, but a review will be made throughout the month to see when they can reopen.

Sanwo-Olu warned that relaxed restrictions should not encourage people to meet recklessly.

He said, "Lagos residents should continue to keep in mind that there is still documented evidence that mass collection can increase the spread of infectious diseases.

"As such, all standard prevention and control measures must still be strictly adhered to."

He said that all new decisions announced on Saturday were taken in accordance with the objective of creating an effective balance between the demand to safeguard human lives and enable the inhabitants of Lagos to survive.

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