Company registers 60% increase in sponsorship

By Medinat Kanabe

The managing director of the Rotimax Academy of Pest Control Training, Rotimi Tolulope Caleb, said that since the beginning of Covid-19 in Nigeria, both at the Institute and at the company, Rotimax Integrated Services has seen a 60% increase in clientele.


He spoke during a two-day training in professional pest control and disinfection services for a group of 20 people in his office in Omole.

The reason for the sponsorship, he said, is a result of the fears induced by Covid-19. "We trained 20 people at a time to observe the rule of social distance, but we expanded the training to accommodate other interested people".

Caleb said his institute's curriculum did not used to have much in disinfection, but because of Covid-19 it is now the main one in the curriculum, as many people who are not professionals have started providing services.


“There is a difference between fumigation and disinfection. Disinfection is looking for viruses, while fumigation is looking for pests and we need to inform people about how to look for viruses, because unlike pests, you cannot see viruses or bacteria with your eyes and people need to know that after the execution of the disinfection services, they must: fact of the disk to avoid the virus ”, he said.

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