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  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its position on facial masks and is now encouraging people to use them in crowded locations, citing anecdotal evidence that supports its value in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

  • United States President Donald Trump called for a change in strategy against the coronavirus pandemic to focus resources on protecting "high-risk populations" while calling for a complete end to orders to stay at home in the states from all over the country.

  • Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, threatened to withdraw his country from the WHO, accusing the body of being "partisan" and "political". With more than 34,000 deaths from coronavirus, Brazil now has the third highest toll in the world.

  • About 6.7 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 394,000 people died, including 109,000 in the United States. More than 2.9 million people have recovered.

Here are the most recent updates:


June 6, Saturday

05:08 GMT – Infections confirmed in India surpass Italy

India surpassed Italy as the sixth most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, after another record-breaking peak of one day in confirmed infections.

The Ministry of Health registered 9,887 new cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 236,657.


Most of the new cases occur in rural areas after the return of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who left cities and villages after the blockade in late March.

101 EAST | India: Closed (24:56)

The blockade is now being widely applied in high-risk areas, while officials have partially restored domestic train and flight services and allowed stores and factories to reopen. Shopping centers and religious sites are expected to open on Monday with restrictions to avoid large meetings.

03:51 GMT – Beijing reduces emergency response level to second lowest

China's capital, Beijing, further eased its coronavirus measures on Saturday, reducing the city's emergency response level to the second lowest.


This will lift most restrictions on people traveling from Wuhan and neighboring Hubei province, where the virus first appeared at the end of last year. They will no longer face mandatory 14-day quarantines and other forms of monitoring, and those currently in such situations will be allowed to return to their normal lives.


Beijing's residential compounds will not be needed to perform temperature checks and the masks should no longer be used for outdoor activities. Kindergartens will reopen and other grades still suspended will resume classes.

Beijing has not registered new cases of local transmission in at least 50 days and up to 90 days in some districts.

Foreign airlines will resume flights to China (2:07)

02:51 GMT – China urges citizens to avoid Australia

China advised its citizens not to visit Australia, citing racial discrimination and violence against Asians during the coronavirus pandemic.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Friday night said that "there has been an increase in words and actions of racial discrimination and acts of violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic".

"The ministry advises Chinese tourists to raise their security awareness and avoid traveling to Australia," says the statement.

The move was taken after China threatened retaliation after Australia's decision to push for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and its responses.

02:14 GMT – China reports three new cases of COVID-19

China registered three new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus at the end of Friday, down from five the previous day, the National Health Commission said.

All cases were imported, involving travelers from abroad, the NHC said.

The total number of infections in China, where the virus first emerged at the end of last year, is 83,030. With no new deaths reported, the death toll remained 4,634.

People wearing masks cross a street on a bicycle in Beijing on June 1, 2020 [Noel Celis/ AFP]

02:07 GMT – California to allow professional sports, day camps

California has largely relaxed its coronavirus-related stoppages, moving to allow professional sports to be played without the public and reopening day camps, tribal casinos, museums and zoos starting June 12.

The most populous state in the U.S. will also allow film, television and music production to restart, an essential sector of the economy that provides thousands of jobs.

Nail salons, tattoo parlors, cinemas, nightclubs, concert venues, theme parks or higher education are still not allowed in California, the state website said.

California reopens

California Governor Gavin Newsom, left, helps to arrange lunches to be delivered to needy seniors, along with co-owner of Hot and Cool Cafe Shana Jenson, second on the left, on June 3, 2020 [Genaro Molina/ Pool via AFP]

01:23 GMT – Brazil's Supreme Court suspends police operations in Rio's favelas

A Brazilian Supreme Court minister banned police operations in Rio de Janeiro's favelas during the coronavirus pandemic, as criticism of brutal police tactics in Latin America's largest country grows.

In the decision, Minister Edson Fachin forbids attacks on Brazil's informal slums "except in absolutely exceptional cases", which must be pre-approved by the Public Ministry.

Rio's police forces are notoriously violent, having killed more than 1,800 people in 2019. In May, Rio police received criticism for an operation in which a 14-year-old boy was killed, in addition to another shootout in a favela hit by coronavirus , which attracted hundreds to the streets.

Congressman Alessandro Molon, whose Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) filed the lawsuit that resulted in the decision, called the decision "historic".

00:39 GMT – Bolsonaro threatens exit from WHO

President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to take Brazil out of WHO after the United Nations agency warned governments of the risk of lifting the blockades before delaying the spread of the new coronavirus.

Speaking to journalists, Bolsonaro accused the WHO of being "partisan" and "political". He said that Brazil will consider leaving the body unless it stops working "without ideological bias".

Brazil, Mexico – coronavirus deaths reach daily record (2:15)

Earlier on Friday, when asked about efforts to reduce orders for social distance in Brazil, despite rising death rates and daily diagnoses, a WHO spokeswoman said a key criterion for lifting the blocks was easing. transmission.

"The epidemic, the outbreak in Latin America is deeply worrying," Margaret Harris told a news conference in Geneva. She said that, among the six main criteria for facilitating quarantines, "one of them is ideal for decreasing transmission".

00:01 GMT – G20 pledges $ 21 billion to fight coronavirus

The Group of 20 (G20) – a bloc whose member nations have the largest economies in the world – has pledged more than $ 21 billion to fight the coronavirus, a group statement said on Saturday.

"The G20, with the invited countries, coordinated global efforts to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the G20 members and the invited countries have pledged more than $ 21 billion to support health financing. global, "the statement said.

The pledges will be directed towards diagnostics, vaccines, therapies and research and development, the statement added.

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