Buying an Apple MacBook, iPad or AirPods may become more affordable

Apple has a smart plan to make buying your latest kit a little more affordable. According to the latest whispers, the Cupertino-based company plans to bring interest-free payment plans to several of its products, including Apple AirPods, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iPads.

Apple will offer customers the option of 6 or 12 month interest-free payment plans, depending on the product in their basket.


Unfortunately, this option will only be available to Apple Card holders. This titanium credit card is currently available in the United States only. Therefore, those in the UK will have to wait for the card to arrive, issued by Goldman Sachs and managed using the Apple Wallet app on their iPhone.

For Apple card owners in the United States, all iPad models, as well as all Macs currently on sale, will be available with a 12-month payment plan on the Apple Wallet app. Apple Pencil, iPad keyboards and XDR Display for the new Mac Pro can also be purchased using this plan. Those who like to take care of a new pair of Apple AirPods (standard or Pro), Apple HomePod or Apple TV will be able to pay the full cost in six months without interest, Bloomberg reported.



Last year, Apple launched a 24-month interest-free payment plan for iPhones purchased with an Apple Card. As with all Apple Store purchases with an Apple Card, customers also receive a 3% refund on their purchase. The same must be true for all new payment plan options.

Apple did not comment on reports of the new interest-free plans. However, it makes perfect sense. Given the devastating impact of the current public health crisis, payment plans are a great way to tempt customers to continue updating their devices, laptops, desktops and other devices.


In the UK, Apple has partnered with Barclays to offer several interest-free payment plans. However, unlike those who are supposed to reach Apple card owners across the lake – they do not offer refund options to customers. Barclays allows customers to pay the cost of their AirPods, Apple TV, iPad and various other products from the online store for up to 24 months, without interest.

PayPal's payment plans, which include 14.9% interest, are also available for those who don't like to pay in cash during the UK payment process. These new payment options for Apple Card owners arrive weeks after the launch of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models worldwide.

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