Bundesliga return produces mixed emotions

The past few months have been difficult for most people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest concern was health and human life. However, is it hard not to be selfish occasionally and wonder when our beloved game will return?

Yes, for sure Belarus, Nicaragua and now the K-League are still playing. However, the major European leagues are not. That is about to change, as the German Bundesliga is ready to return to its shares on May 14º after government approval.


Fans will be happy with the return of the Bundesliga

I have to say that many fans will be happy that the Bundesliga is back, including me. The German first division is my favorite football league. The downside is that there are no fans at the stadiums. However, for us, the hungry types of football, it is at least a start, because a little football is better than the known.

The return will certainly make life a little more bearable for the German public. I suspect that there will be many foreign observers who will also help to entertain, as the Bundesliga is a brand around the world. This is the effect that the UK government expected the potential restart of the Premier League to have.

Germany in a healthier position

All the talk about the return of football and restrictions on blockades seems to be incredibly dangerous in the UK. The country has the highest death rates due to Covid-19 across Europe. It is downright disgusting how the government handled the situation.


However, as always seems to be the case, Germany has managed to manage the situation in a cold and measured way. Although there have been about 150,000 reported cases of COVID-19 in the country, the death toll is relatively small, at 6,300. He compared the 30,000 people who died in Britain, and you can see why the Bundesliga is close to starting over and the Premier League is not.

Germans are better prepared and organized. Clubs test players regularly and take every precaution possible to prevent the virus from spreading. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that players or officials who contract the visit will not have to be quarantined because clubs have the resources to test players.


The country, in general, seems to have the resources to deal with what has been a unique situation in which the world has seen itself lately.

Looking forward to football

Although most people realize the seriousness of COVID-19, it is not a sin to wait anxiously for football if it played safely. This means that it does not put anyone in danger and the clubs have the right resources to complete the league.

The Bundesliga will be an example for the Premier League and players like La Liga and Serie A, if you are thinking of getting back into action in the near future. I hope everything goes as planned and we will see football soon.

As a big fan of the German first division, I will not lie, I am looking forward to your return. It may be the Bundesliga-lite, but they are still first class players playing. It may be the best we can get for a long time if the COVID-19 has something to say about it.


Will the Bundesliga end against COVID-19?


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