Bundesliga Players Face New Dos And Don’ts For Closed-Door Games

Bundesliga players have been warned that they will be more responsible and will observe certain pros and cons when the 2019/2020 season resumes next Saturday, May 16, in order to help flatten the covid-19 spread curve.

The Bundesliga is expected to become the first first-rate European to challenge the coronavirus pandemic and resume action, with the rest of the matches being played without spectators.


Bundesliga Coronavirus task force chief Tim Meyer spoke on Sunday about how behind closed doors games would be managed and emphasized that players should act with greater responsibility outside the field.

“Football has to give people something back now. It also means being disciplined as a player. Stay away from the virus and their virus is the target. They need to be responsible, ”Meyer, who is also chairman of the UEFA medical committee, told Reuters.

"They [players] they are very public and need to show how to behave – on the field, play football as usual, but once you leave the field, you are a citizen again and you need to behave as a citizen in the days of Corona. "


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Meyer added: “We don't think any job, any profession in the country is 100% secure at this point, as long as you deal with other human beings.


"Sometimes there are people who say 'there is still a small risk'. Yes there is. We will not be able to eliminate any small risk – we have done a lot, we have implemented many measures to ensure that football infections are highly unlikely. ”, He stated.

The Bundesliga has produced a detailed set of strict guidelines for restart, which include three separate zones at the stadiums to limit human contact and reduce the chances of viral transmission, along with a large-scale testing procedure.

There will also be an impact on those who live with players.

Co-inhabitants, wives or partners of all Bundesliga players will have to choose between three options – be subjected to two tests, agree to document each contact outside the home or have to live separately.


However, the decision on how to respond to any positive tests between players – and who in a squad may need to be quarantined as a result – will remain with local health authorities in Germany.


That was in the spotlight on Saturday when Bundesliga 2's Dynamo Dresden was instructed by its local health agency to put the entire team under 14 quarantine days after two of its players tested positive for the virus.

The decision means that Dynamo will not be able to play its first scheduled game after the restart on May 17.

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