Buhari condemns murder of CAN President Andimi



Buhari regretted that the terrorists killed the religious leader while showing signs of willingness to release him, freeing him for others.


He comforted the Christian community across Nigeria, the government and people of Adamawa, as well as the bishop's family, for the sad loss of the man of God.


He said that terrorists will continue to pay a very high price for their actions and "be defeated comprehensively by our determined armed forces ”.

The president urged the nations of the world to end all support to the terrorist groups in Boko Haram and the Islamic States of West Africa (ISWA), whose sole purpose was to sow death, violence and destruction in the sub-region.

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The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that Ahmad Salkida, a journalist with years of experience reporting the activities of Boko Haram insurgents, in a series of tweets said that Andimi was killed on Monday.

"Breaking some news can traumatize. I am struggling with one of these. Reverend Andimi, kidnapped by #BokoHaram, was executed yesterdaySalkida tweeted.

Andimi's ending was hijacked in January, when insurgents attacked his village.

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