Buhari and Obaseki face off before Edo guber primaries

President Muhammadu Buhari Monday he met behind closed doors with the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, in the Presidential Village of Abuja.

The meeting, which was in charge of the governor, took place before the governorship of all progressive congressmen of June (APC), in the state.


In a conversation with State House correspondents at the end of the meeting, Obaseki said he was at Aso Rock to formalize the president's intention to seek re-election as governor of Edo State on the APC platform.

The governor, who disagreed with APC national president Adams Oshiohmole, throughout his second-term ambition, presented his Expression of Interest form to the president for blessing.

He said: “I came to see Mr. President to formally inform him of my desire and intention to seek re-election as governor of Edo State on the APC platform in the next government election.


“As the father of the country, as our president, I must not just assume or take things for granted. I have to come to inform you and ask for your support in my government proposal, and the president was quiet, warm and welcoming.

"When I showed him my Expression of Interest form, he examined it and teased me, saying he wouldn't have to go through it again and wished me good luck and assured me of his support."


In the political dispute in Edo, the governor said the crisis was being instigated from outside the state.

He also described the misunderstanding between him and Oshiohmole as very unhappy, saying, however, that he was ready to reach a truce with all the injured APC members.

Obaseki he added: “It is a pity that he (Oshiohmole) is taking the position he has taken. I believe that he was not properly oriented.

“I am your governor and it is my responsibility to seek peace for my state and with all my citizens.


“I will continue to fight for peace, I will continue to seek peace, seeking the interest of our people and I am open for us to talk about how to take things forward.


“The relationship is still cold, but I am doing everything possible to try to warm it up just for the sake of the Edo people. I am committed to whatever it takes to have peace and not lose lives in Edo, within the law, whatever I can do is constitutional, I will do."

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