Bucs star WR Chris Godwin to defer to Tom Brady on No. 12

Now that Tom Brady has officially signed his new deal with Buccaneers, the only question that remains is what uniform number the future Hall of Fame quarterback will use next season.

He spent his two decades with the Patriots using the number 12, but that number belongs to the star receiver Chris Godwin, who said Friday he spoke to Brady, but the number did not appear in their conversation.


"Obviously, if he doesn't want to, or if he's not doing much with it, I'm definitely going to keep him. We'll see how it goes," said Godwin in a video interview with the Buccaneers. & # 39; on the Internet network. "I think that just out of respect for what he did, what he accomplished, just the kind of career he built for himself, you need to lean on that."

Godwin also spoke about his number in an interview on Friday with ESPN's NFL Live, saying he was "in love" with the number, which he has used since high school. He said again that he would postpone Brady out of respect for everything the quarterback has accomplished in his career.


"He's the goat," he said.

Brady wore number 10 in Michigan and said number 12 was not his first uniform number choice when he joined the league.


"I was 10 years old in college, and when I got here, [former Patriots punter] Lee Johnson was 10, "Brady told reporters two years ago." So, whatever number was in my closet, which was 12, was what [former Patriots equipment manager] Don Brocher gave it to me. "


When New England launched Lee, Brady said he thought about moving to number 10, but finally decided to stick with number 12.


Wide receiver newbie Scotty Miller currently wears No. 10 for Bucs.

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