BT Broadband: Can you get a refund if your home Internet speed is slow?

The UK workforce is more dependent than ever on fast broadband after the pandemic. Sometimes, however, broadband speeds are not as fast as expected. Fortunately, new BT Broadband customers can claim financial compensation if they experience low Internet speed.

New BT Broadband customers are now entitled to a £ 20 refund if the Internet speed is not adequate.


According to the scheme, families using BT Broadband receive the Quick Stay Guarantee for their home, based on their line's estimated capacity.

If the speed drops below that, BT has 30 days to resolve the issue and if it cannot, customers will receive £ 20.

A statement on the BT Stay Fast Guarantee for Full Fiber page says, "We want you to be sure that Full Fiber is not going to disappoint you.


"So if your broadband falls below the guaranteed speed, we will receive £ 20.

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"It's our way of ensuring paid download speeds, even at peak times."

However, the new Quick Guarantee Guarantee is only available to customers who have joined BT or renewed their broadband contract as of March 1, 2019.

Compensation is not automatic, which means that the customer must perform their own speed test through the MyBT application or the Troubleshooting and notify BT if the broadband speed is low.

BT will attempt to remedy the problem remotely or send an engineer.


Note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, BT engineers are prioritizing repairs for their most vulnerable customers and critical national infrastructure.


When running the test, BT checks for underlying failures, causing problems.

BT can ask customers to turn off anything using a lot of data, like streaming high-definition TV.

This helps BT to clearly understand the performance of its broadband line.

Customers are required to complete all failure checks before they can claim the Stay Fast Warranty.

If the test suggests a significant underlying problem, BT may need an engineer to visit.

How to claim the BT Stay Fast warranty:

BT customers can claim any failure entirely under BT's control, on our network or on the Smart Hub.

The Stay Fast Warranty does not cover anything for which customers are responsible, including any damage to BT equipment or faults in domestic wiring.

If there is no connection, it means that there is a major underlying problem and customers will not be able to claim against the Quick Stay Guarantee.

If customers fail to download or upload the Stay Fast Guarantee (or both at the same time), they can claim the Stay Fast warranty once.

If they qualify, BT will email you a link to a website where you can make a claim against the Quick Stay Guarantee.

BT will send customers a prepaid BT Reward Card and a separate letter containing a PIN and details on how to activate it.

Customers can spend this anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

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