BREAKING: High Court Frees 87 Shiite Members In Kaduna State

The Kaduna State Superior Court on Friday released 87 members of the Shi'ite group, accused of killing a soldier after clashes with troops more than four years ago, his lawyer said.

The court "dismissed and acquitted" members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, for lack of evidence to link them to the soldier's death during the bloody meeting in December 2015.
Founded by Muslim clergyman Ibrahim Zakzaky in the late 1970s and inspired by the Iranian Revolution, IMN has been at odds with Nigerian authorities for decades.


The troops launched fierce containment on the group in the northern city of Zaria in 2015 when members blocked the convoy of the army chief of staff during a religious procession.
The Human Rights group said some 350 IMN members were killed and buried in mass graves after two days of fighting in which their leader, Zakzaky, was blinded by one eye and arrested along with more than 200 supporters.
Last year, more than 100 detained members were released on two plots after they were acquitted by the court.
However, Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat, are still behind bars, on charges that include "manslaughter", despite previous court decisions ordering his release.

The lawyer said, however, he would continue to press for the release of the Shiite leader.
"We are now going to focus our attention on the judgment of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky," said Magashi.
The continuation of Zakzaky's detention led to street protests by IMN members in the country's capital, Abuja, causing violent clashes with security forces that killed dozens of lives.
Last July, the Nigerian government listed IMN as a prohibited terrorist group, banning its activities.
Shiites constitute a small minority of Muslim believers in northern Nigeria, mainly Sunni.

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