BREAKING: Buhari’s FG Set To Order For The Instant Arrest Of Rev. Kukah, Over ‘Hate Speech’


The President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Authorities, has on Friday, in Abuja, warned the Catholic Archbishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. Fr. Mathew Hassan Kukah, to not bask in “actions that are capable of dividing the country along religious lines”.

The federal government, nonetheless, suggested him to make use of his “high ecclesiastical Office to work for religious harmony in Nigeria”.
The Minister of Info and Tradition, Lai Mohammed, issued the warning in an announcement by his Particular Assistant, Segun Adeyemi.
Adeyemi was reacting to an announcement credited to Kukah, during which he in contrast the Federal Authorities with boko haram.


The federal government mentioned that it’s “not only disingenuous, but also a great disservice to the men and women in uniform, who are daily battling the boko haram and ISWAP terrorists, to keep all Nigerians safe”.
Lai Mohammed reiterated the the place of the Federal Authorities, that the boko haram and ISWAP terrorists don’t subscribe to any faith, regardless of their pretense to such, however are pushed by their primitive propensity to kill mindlessly, and destroy with out restrain, regardless of their victims’ creed, gender, or tribe.

“To now attribute the actions of these mad bunch to an orchestrated and systematic plan to elevate one religion over the other, or decimate adherents of a particular religion, is not only unfortunate but divisive, incendiary, and insensitive”, Lai Mohammed mentioned.
The Minister appealed to Non secular Leaders to be “more circumspect in their comments, especially on religious issues, because of the deeply emotive nature of religion, and the tendency for it to be exploited for political gains by naysayers”.


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