Best Outdoor Activities in Montana

Usually called the Big Sky Country, Montana is the most northerly of the US states. Its beautiful and rugged scenery with abundant wildlife makes it a popular destination for scenic walks and outdoor activities. The area is really known for its numerous outdoor activities, including winter sports, water sports, hiking and cycling.

Although it is an extremely large state (the fourth largest, in fact), it is also one of the least populous. Meaning it's the perfect destination to practice social detachment, with many open spaces to explore outside the larger cities.


Highlights of the area include Glacier National Park, the north and northeast entrances to Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains.

Best Outdoor Activities in Montana

For those who want to explore the outdoors, feel the adrenaline and experience the incredible nature of the region, we have a list of best outdoor activities in Montana.

Most of the largest Montana Resorts it will include most of the outdoor activities below, plus some other fun activities to keep you busy during your stay.


1. Hiking

Hiking in Montana is a great way to explore the area and experience beautiful nature and wildlife. There are several hiking trails throughout the state, including day hikes and multi-day routes. Some of the best hiking in Montana can be found at Glacier National Park, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier Country and Bitterroot National Forest.

From mountains to lakes, glaciers, caves, waterfalls and gorges – there is a walking route for all levels of hikers in Montana.


2. Horseback riding

Experience the spirit of the American West on a horse's back. Horseback riding is one of the most traditional ways to experience Montana. You can opt for a complete experience visiting a working ranch or just having a relaxing afternoon of horseback riding.

3. Cycling

Whether on a bicycle to explore the cities of Montana, or hopping on a mountain bike and following the trails. Montana is an ideal bicycle destination – that's why you'll find bicycle stores across the state and many other bikers interested in interacting.

Montana has mountain bike trails practically everywhere, from family and beginner trails to specialized level trails. And if you're there in the winter months, why not try fat cycling in the snow? It offers the opportunity to explore new terrain and experience winter in Montana on two wheels.


4. Water sports

For water lovers, there are many opportunities to experience Montana's vast aquatic landscapes. For those who like excitement, you can navigate the rapids while rafting or flyboarding. Avid surfers can take their surfboards to Montana's many scenic rivers to surf the waves. Or, for a more relaxing experience on the water, try embarking on stand-up paddle, canoe or kayak.


If you prefer to be on the water instead of on it, take part in a boat adventure. You can sail on Lake Flathead, water ski the Canyon Ferry or rent a fishing boat on Lake Fort Peck.

5. Climbing

With so many mountains and cliffs, there are likely to be a lot of great climbing locations for all skill levels. Grab your climbing gear and check out some of the best climbing spots in Montana. Bozeman is one of the most popular climbing areas in the state, popularly known as the rock climbing capital of the northern Rocky Mountains. Popular places in Bozeman include Gallatin Canyon, Sagebrush Point, Cascade Creek and Paradise Valley.

You are unlikely to run out of mountains to climb in Montana!

6. winter sports

Montana becomes the land of snowy adventure during the winter months! The vast and dramatic landscape means that you can enjoy just about any winter sport you can dream of here. From skiing and snowboarding to cross-country skiing, snow tubing, dog sledding, sleigh rides, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, ice climbing and ice fishing!

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular winter activities in the region, with a long list of runs to try – without the long lines of cable cars! For the perfect winter ski trip, head to one of Montana's ski resorts.

7. ATV

Many of the resorts in Montana will include a variety of outdoor activities, including an ATV (also known as an ATV). It is a fun way to see the mountain scenery while cutting streams and feeding bushes. You will also get adrenaline and look forward to coming back for more!

8. Fishing

Fishing in Montana is another great way to enjoy the scenery. From crystal clear lakes to pebble streams full of pebbles, you will find some great places to stand out. Some of the popular fishing spots in Montana include Paradise Valley, the Clark Fork River, the Big Hole River, the Missouri River and Lake Flathead. These are not bad places to sit and enjoy the view of the mountain around you while you wait to recover.

9. Golf

Another more relaxing outdoor activity, there are some excellent golf courses in Montana to check out. Some of the best golf courses in the region include Rock Creek Cattle Co. (Deer Lodge), The Reserve At Moonlight Basin (Big Sky), Wilderness Club (Eureka), The Stock Farm Club (Hamilton), Iron Horse GC (Whitefish) , Ancient Works G. Cse. (Anaconda), Yellowstone, C.C. (Billings), Northern Pines G.C. (Kalispell), Black Bull G.C. (Bozeman) and Eagle Bend G.C. (Large fork).

10. Shooting

Shooting sports are quite popular in Montana. You can go for a shotgun range or try your shot at target shooting or archery. You can also simulate a real hunting experience in the field by performing a clay shooting experience. Or, if you are traveling in a group, maybe you are competitive with a game of paintball?

Go get some fresh air in Montana

No matter what month of the year it is, it is the perfect time to visit Montana and breathe some fresh mountain air while enjoying the truly stunning scenery!

It is an ideal destination for dusting your cobwebs after spending so much time in the past few months. With so many things to do, including so many outdoor activities in Montana, you definitely won't be bored.

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