Before Abba Kyari rests in peace!

Mallam Abba Kyari, former chief of staff to the president Muhammadu Buhari, died a few weeks ago in a Coronavirus hospital in Lagos. He was hurriedly buried without pomp, according to the Islamic rite of passage to the great beyond. Now, tributes are still being poured out in honor of the late man in power. Friends, relatives, admirers and acquaintances of the fallen CoS daily treat us with their patriotism, humanism, kindness and loyalty to the system.

We were told how friendly Abba was; how easily he was accessible to his friends; how he was providing scholarships for dozens of children of destitutes; how wonderful he was; how he approached his work with unusual diligence, etc. But none of these armies of worshipers had told us about Kyari's salary per year – something that could easily have allowed him "freedom" to play Dangote!


We recognize that no man is good enough; no mortal is perfect, for perfection and infallibility belong to the divine forces above. However, we are also of the opinion that no man is good enough to own another, let alone own a miserable lot at the end of a cruel government like millions of our countrymen. We all have only one Master and He is invisible, omnipotent and omniscient.

Most of the positive things said about Mallam Abba were not known to the general public when he was still very much with us in the flesh. One of the things we were told about him was that he was frugal, that he drove a BMW car seized from a minister during the Goodluck Jonathan era for years refusing requests to go for a bulletproof model.

But the truth is that some smart thugs hide their illicit wealth by presenting an image of frugality! One can hide behind the frugality invented to hide embezzlement or to mask a character of cupidity. We had seen people caught for plundering public funds when they were in power and hiding them in bathrooms, water tanks and ceilings, instead of taking the money to the bank for fear of the consequences.


Mallam Kyari may not have been given to the ostentatious lifestyle of people like former Kogi-born federal legislator Dino Melaye, who used the dirty money he earned while playing in parliament to acquire & # 39; metals & # 39; expensive automobiles. For Dino, he loved buying luxury cars and this is better for him than spending the huge money at his disposal on cocaine!

There are worrying questions that we would like to ask those who "deodorize" the late Abba and present the other side of him unknown to the general public so far. First, why did a president's chief of staff – an unelected entity – lead a high-powered federal government delegation to Germany to negotiate an energy "deal"? Where were the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Power and Energy?


Second, why would Mallam Abba usurp his powers by finding diplomats, ministers and heads of security issuing orders without the consent, approval and even knowledge of the president or national security consultant? When Babagana Mungono, the NSA, said this in a leaked memo, no one denied the charges. So, should we consider that he was making sense in publicizing the anomaly?

Three, who collected the $ 5 million bribe that MTN Nigeria distributed to reduce the punitive financial measure taken by the government against the South African telecommunications giant? If not Mallam Abba, who did it on your behalf?

Fourth, why the late Kyari would refuse to remember Maryam Danna, an NDPHC (Niger Delta Company) chartered accountant for years after her suspension because of her role in exposing corrupt practices and other irregularities at the agency federal? Despite Senate resolutions (even during the presidency of the Saraki Senate) calling for his reinstatement, why did Kyari speak out against such a thing? What happened to responsibility and probity?

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Fifth, why should Abba Kyari intervene with manifest impunity in & # 39; Maina-gate & # 39; to the criminal point of wanting rehabilitation and reintegration for the criminal who plundered millions of dollars of Nigerian retirees? What was your interest in the subject? Or did Abdulrasheed Maina share part of her loot with him?


Sometimes in Nigeria, ten percent of the profits from economic crime can translate into millions or billions of benefits from Naira! A lot of people had made it big through such avenues.

As a lawyer, banker, editor and civil servant, before reaching the post of unelected "interim president" in Abuja Kyari, he was unquestionably a rare gem! He had a rare gift unusually given to a few mortals. But it did not have a positive impact in the first four years of Buharism, which was a failure in general terms.

If he had put his energy into ennobling things that change societies for the better, we would not have hesitated to sing his post-humbly praise.

His daughter, Aisha, reportedly told critics of her late father to let him rest in peace. We reply that we cannot allow him to rest on his grave – not when full disclosure is yet to be achieved!

Before resting in peace, the state secrets with which he died must be unearthed if democracy is to thrive in our country. If he had been spectacular in fulfilling his strategic duties as Chief Operating Officer of President Buhari, our nation would not have been trapped (yet) in the swamp of development it is in.

Let the post-Kyari inquiry continue, therefore, until our collective conscience, like an open wound, is healed by the truth.

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