Bayern agree Sane deal – Soccer News

Bayern Munich and Manchester City have reached an agreement to transfer Leroy Sane, according to several sources.

The 24-year-old striker spent much of the 2019/20 season, suffering an LCA injury in the clash with Community Shield against Liverpool last summer. He was about to join the Bundesliga champions at the time, but the injury has prompted Bayern to withdraw from negotiations for the time being.


City tried to take advantage of the situation and convince the German international to sign a new contract, but their hopes were in vain. It seems that Sane has long been willing to return to his homeland, unhappy with the amount of time he spent under Pep Guardiola even before the injury.

The transfer fee was set at a total of £ 54.8 million (€ 60 million), of which Bayern will pay £ 44.7 million initially. The remaining part should come in complement related to performance and trophy.

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