Barbecue planned this bank holiday? 3 BBQ updates you need now

The second bank holiday weekend promises to be a record – the hottest weekend of the year so far. With very strict blocking restrictions still in place for millions of Britons across the UK, going to the garden to light a barbecue promises to be an extremely popular option for anyone looking to escape its four walls.

If you are looking for the best barbecue with family, friends – or whoever is at your home, we have some gadget updates to ensure you have the best setup for the bank holiday weekend. So, read on and find out exactly what you need.


Best barbecue for your may barbecue holiday barbecue

If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade to your bank holiday barbecue in May, Weber's new SmokeFire grill may just be the ticket. Priced at £ 1,199, this cutting-edge cooking kit means you’ll never serve customers burnt sausages again, thanks to stunning sensor array.

These smart sensors power the Weber Connect smartphone app, which offers step-by-step guides for preparing meals for aspiring chefs – and can even calculate when your food will be ready based on what you're grilling for the family. All of this means that you can let the microchips handle the steaks while you separate the chips from the oven.

Best of all, if you're perfectly satisfied with the barbecue you already have in your garage, you can add smart sensors to your current setup, thanks to the £ 109 Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. That means you can activate the same smartphone app and benefit from the same culinary guides and military precision ETAs for your bangers without replacing the entire barbecue.


Best barbecue app to ensure your bank holiday barbecue is a success

There are several applications to provide side dish recipes to make your barbecue a success, but let's be honest, the most important part of any bank holiday barbecue is the weather. That's why we recommend Dark Sky.

This is easily our favorite weather app. In fact, it is so brilliant that Apple recently bought the entire operation, allowing you to choose the brain behind the successful app to augment your own weather app, pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad in the world.


Dark Sky is the gold standard for weather apps. In fact, it is so reliable that dozens of other hugely successful weather apps are powered by weather data provided by Dark Sky. Loading the application, which is available on the iPhone and Android (although Apple plans to end the last one next month), features a detailed timeline for the next 24 hours that tells you exactly what to expect.

You can choose to switch between detailed temperature breakdown, probability of precipitation, wind speed in MPH, humidity levels, UV index, cloud cover and pressure. There is also a sunset countdown and an "it looks like" index that tries to give the raw numbers a little more detail – so if there is high humidity and a lot of cloudiness (statistics you may not like) The Dark Sky will tell you if this will make it look much, much hotter than the basic temperature would suggest.

There is also a seven-day forecast and satellite map as you would expect to see at the bottom of the TV weather report.

Barbecue chefs with an Apple Watch will be able to receive weather alerts on their wrist – informing them of incoming rain, temperature alerts or anything else that could impact their grill. If you want to stay ahead of the clouds (and the rain), you need to use Dark Sky.


Best BBQ Gadgets to Secure Your Bank Holiday BBQ Rocks

There are many gadgets out there to make an ordinary barbecue look like a suitable summer party. But let's be honest, if you just choose one – you'll need a speaker. Be it a good podcast on real crimes to keep the chef company while they grill before everyone goes to the garden, or a brilliant summer playlist to get the party started while lunch is served.


If you're looking for a solid Bluetooth speaker, you can't go wrong with anything from the Ultimate Ears line. They are water and drop resistant, so you don't have to tiptoe around – worrying about spilling drinks or knocking them over the table when telling a particularly enthusiastic anecdote. The UE Boom 3 is probably the best balance of volume, compact size and price.

However, if you already have a home cinema system or multi-room setup powered by Sonos, you can take a look at the recent Bluetooth option from the American company, Sonos Move. This speaker can be fitted to become part of your connected home – so you can play music throughout the house or separate each room with its own radio station, podcast or playlist. And when you're ready to go out into the garden, it can pair with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet, ready to play music to add extra flavor to the procedures.

And, of course, starting a Google Meet, WhatsApp or Zoom video call with friends and family who can't physically join you can be a great way to increase your holiday banquet numbers. Enjoy.

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