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Raising a young black man in North America today means fear, faith and hope that change will come: Asha Tomlinson

Tomlinson looks at the sweet and smiling face of Isaiah, his son, every day and sees a life full of energy, love, laughter and happiness. (Submitted by Asha Tomlinson)

After George Floyd's recent death in police custody, protests are under way in the United States, Canada and around the world.

As Market coHostess Asha Tomlinson writes in this compelling essay "last week's events were all consuming and overwhelming", especially as the mother of a young black man. But she still has faith in a better future. Read More


Canadian Transport Agency, overwhelmed by two years of delay in nearly 14,000 air travel complaints

A response to a request document question submitted by the federal NDP last week revealed that more than half of air travel complaints sent to the Canadian Transport Agency in the past two years remain untouched. (Mike Hillman / CBC)

If you are still waiting for a response to an air travel complaint that you registered with CTA, you are unlikely to be alone. The organization is struggling with an accumulation of complaints accumulated over the past two years. At the same time, thousands of Canadians are demanding that the agency help to recover their money from flights canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More


Hand sanitizer on wine bottles worries some experts

Distillery Minhas Sask sold hand sanitizer packaged in wine bottles in Winnipeg supermarkets. (Joanne Levasseur / CBC)

It's great that breweries and distilleries are responding to the request for more hand sanitizer, but experts warn that packaging the disinfectant in wine or beer bottles can be dangerous. Read More

Customers who inadvertently paid by banks frustrated with credit card insurance will not show evidence that they have signed up

Credit card insurance is a product that banks sell as a way to help with credit card payments if a customer loses his job or becomes ill. Some Canadians say they are being charged for this when they haven't signed up. But banks are refusing to provide evidence that they have signed up for credit card insurance. (CBC)

Years later Market first reported in Canadians without knowing how to be charged for credit card insurance, they say they never signed up, more consumers are seeking restitution. Some were successful, while others had to fight tooth and nail to get reimbursement. Read More


What else is going on?

Canada's only rice factory operating 24/7 during pandemic
While the food service business has plummeted, retail sales have increased by 75% at Dainty Foods.


Study of the influential Lancet hydroxychloroquine, retracted by three authors
Three of the authors of an influential article who found that hydroxychloroquine increased the risk of death in patients with COVID-19 withdrew from the study because of concerns over data quality.

Black entrepreneurs want Canadian companies & # 39; to put their money where they are & # 39; to combat racism
They say that real action should take place after the announcements and #BlackoutTuesday.

Yes, we are receiving more extreme rainfall and this is due to climate change, study confirms
A new study by researchers at Environment and Climate Change Canada found that climate change has made rainfall more extreme and heavy rain storms more frequent.

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