As the search for Martin Carpentier continues, police ask public to stay away from search area

After a night of searching, sometimes in heavy rain, police continue to search for Martin Carpentier, the father of two young girls, Norah and Romy, found dead on Saturday in Saint-Apollinaire, 24 miles south of Quebec. City.

Séreté du Québec said its officials are monitoring a heavily wooded area in Saint-Agapit-Saint-Apollinaire and have established a perimeter there. The police are asking people to stay away from the scene.


"At the moment, we have not located Martin Carpentier, nor have we seen Martin Carpentier, but everything suggests that we are at the nerve center of the search," said police spokesman Sgt. Ann Mathieu said.

Police are asking anyone who saw Carpentier to call 911 immediately, but to move away from the area where the investigation is being conducted.

About 100 well-meaning citizens showed up in the area on Saturday night to try to help with the search, police said.


"It wasn't really useful," said Mathieu, noting that the noise of about 100 cars made it difficult for the police to carry out their operation.

She also asked the public not to post messages on social media, encouraging people to get involved in the research.


Norah Carpentier, 11, on the right, and Romy Carpentier, 6, disappeared on Wednesday. Their lifeless bodies were found on Saturday afternoon. (Submitted by Amber Alerte Québec)

"We are actively investigating on the ground," said Mathieu.

"The best way to help the police is to respect the operation that takes place in Saint-Apollinaire, stay on their own properties, carry out their daily activities and, if there is any information, tell us, but do not go to the place where the police are working" .

Drones and SQ helicopters are being used to search for Carpentier. Lévis's police, Quebec City police and members of the Canadian Armed Forces were working with Sûreté du Québec on Saturday to locate him.


A vigil for the two sisters was organized on Saturday night in Lévis, Que., His hometown. (Hadi Hassin / Radio Canada)

On Saturday, provincial police confirmed the death of Norah Carpentier, 11, and her sister Romy, 6, whose disappearance had triggered an amber alert on Thursday.

After a three-day search, their bodies were found a few minutes away in a wooded area of ​​Saint-Apollinaire earlier that day.

Autopsies will be carried out shortly to confirm the exact cause of death, and police are examining the area where the two girls were found to see if there is any evidence that could help explain the circumstances of their death.

& # 39; Incomprehensible tragedy & # 39;

Messages of condolence were poured out Saturday night in response to the death of the two sisters.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a tweet Saturday, he was "devastated by the news that came out of Quebec". He called the incident "a tragedy incomprehensible to any parent" and, at the same time, offers his condolences to family and friends.

Premier of Quebec, François Legault tweeted their condolences, calling the death of the girls a national tragedy.

"This is the worst ordeal ever for parents," said Pina Arcamone, executive director of the Missing Children Network.

"This mother will need a lot of support from her family and friends from the community."

Arcamone said this was the longest Amber Alert in Quebec's history. In most cases, she said, it only takes a few hours for a child to be found.

She said her organization will offer support to the girls' mother and refer her to the appropriate resources.

The sisters were last seen at around 8:30 pm. Wednesday with the father in a convenience store.

About an hour later, Carpentier's vehicle crashed about 9 miles west of the store on Highway 20, police said. No one was found inside the car when the police arrived and the damaged vehicle was recovered by the police for analysis.

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