Are your passwords safe? Dark-web monitoring tool alerts you if your details are stolen

A new dark web monitoring tool has been launched, alerting you if your passwords have been stolen.


The free tool, called ClearScore Protect, alerts users to possible breaches every three months and also provides simple instructions on how to change the breached passwords.

Justin Basini, CEO and co-founder of ClearScore, said: “Having been a victim of identity theft, I understand how it can affect a person's financial and mental well-being, and now everything is exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are extremely proud to now offer free dark web monitoring, forever, and we hope it will help consumers avoid becoming victims of online fraud."


While the tool is free, ClearScore also offers Protect Realtime – a subscription version of the service that monitors up to three email addresses separated daily by £ 2.99 / month.


With this version, users can view any compromised information, not just passwords, and also have access to fraud support.

According to ClearScore, of the 305,000 users who already use ClearScore Protect, the average person sees seven leaked passwords on the dark web.

To safely monitor the dark web, ClearScore has teamed up with a team of cybersecurity experts who monitor thousands of criminal forums, websites and chat rooms to look for stolen data.

Troy Hunt, founder of, said: “I get several emails every day from people who have been victims of cybercrime.


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“There is an enormous amount of misunderstanding about online security and fraud prevention, which results in emotional and financial tension for victims and their families.

“ClearScore Protect Realtime provides customers with personalized support from a real human being when they need it most.

"The launch of Protect offers consumers a great resource to help minimize the impact of online fraud."

You can find out more about ClearScore Protect on here.


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