Another win falls into Keselowski’s lap in final moments

BRISTOL, Tennessee (AP) – Brad Keselowski have a new team and are fighting for a new contract in the team Penske. His confidence is still intact and he is convinced that he can compete for a championship this year.

Being in the right place at the right time is helping.


Keselowski he inherited his second victory in a week, when the leaders fell in front of him with a lap on Sunday at the Bristol Motor Speedway. He won the Coca-Cola 600 seven nights ago at the Charlotte Motor Speedway when a caution with two laps left helped him get to the victory track.

"I felt like I was in Las Vegas" Keselowski said about the Bristol win. "I went from having a bad hand to a full house very quickly."

The victory fell in KeselowskiLap when Chase Elliott and Joey Logano collided as they vied for victory. Keselowski came in third with one lap and one remaining shift when the opportunity was opened. Logano canceled Elliott for the lead with three to go but Elliott chased him while looking for his second victory in three days.


They made contact at the fourth corner and fell on the wall while Keselowski slid past. He made only one trip through the 0.533 mile concrete bullring to close the victory.

"We were in position and we managed to attack when he counted" Keselowski said. "Joey and Chase gathered there. I don't know what caused everything, but we were in a position to attack and here we are on the winning track. "


Keselowski, hoping to get an extension with Team Penske, won the 600 when a caution with two to go took the victory of Elliott. Keselowski inherited the leadership when Elliott bumpy.

Keselowski held the victory in ElliottHe is now the first driver to win several races in the five World Cup events since NASCAR was restarted on May 17.

"There is so much going on in the world that I’m grateful to be a race driver and do that," Keselowski said after giving Ford its third victory in five races.


Logano finished 21st and Elliott it was 22nd.


Logano looked Elliott down when the two got out of their cars but Elliott never looked in your direction. After Logano recovered his mandatory face mask, he approached Elliott for a brief conversation.

"He destroyed me," said Logano. "A simple apology … be a man and say & # 39; my evil & # 39 ;. I had to force an apology, which for me is just childish".

Elliott took the blame after the conversation.

"Awww, just going for the win" Elliott said. "I will certainly take the blame. I just let go and got into it.

Clint Bowyer was second in his best result in a year and 1-2 in Ford and regretted how cool he was after the fifth NASCAR event without fans. The track is built as an arena, known as "The Last Great Coliseum" and can accommodate around 140,000 spectators.

"It's starting to bother me," said Bowyer. “We are seeing other races happening with fans in the stands and in a place like Bristol, it's the first time that I really feel & # 39; Dude, it's empty & # 39 ;. You can feel the vibration. "

The silence was more noticeable after Elliott and Logano had the incident.

"This place would be up, it blew up," said Bowyer. "Now it's like" OK, let's go home. "I'm ready for the fans."

Jimmie Johnson, seven-time NASCAR champion, was third in a Chevrolet and once again showed that he is close to taking his 104-game losing streak. Johnson led the laps in the first NASCAR race, after a 10-week stoppage of the coronavirus pandemic and was the second in the Coca-Cola 600 before his submission was disqualified for inspection failure.

Kyle Busch and Erik Jones completed the top five in a Toyota pair for Joe Gibbs Racing. Denny Hamlin, another JGR driver, seemed to be prepared for victory until a folded car clogged the track, Hamlin was too tall to pass and Logano and Elliott tight past.

Hamlin then destroyed the 17th race caution. He established a final sequence of five laps.

"So much hitting and hitting" Keselowski said. "We are all stuck in our homes for a long time. Everyone is angry with everyone.

Ryan Blaney had a strong car early and took 60 laps, but crashed while chasing a teammate Keselowski for leadership in the second stage. Blaney seemed to get very high on the track, he rocked against the wall and was then hit by Ty Dillon.

Blaney went to Bristol leaving third place in a row, but finished last.

"I didn't think it was that high and I suddenly hit a spot," said Blaney. “I thought we would be fine and then we were destroyed about six seconds later. This is only Bristol. "

It was another tough race for Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who recovered from three bad finals with fourth place on Thursday night in Charlotte. He was running decently near the end of the stage until Johnson's contact triggered an accident with several cars and knocked four drivers, including Stenhouse, out of the race.

"We just crashed," said Stenhouse, who was wrecked on the first lap of the first NASCAR race. “It was a drag. I felt like we had a very good chance of competing with them for the win. "

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