Android threats removed by Google are BACK and you should be concerned

Now, these apps are surfacing on the Google Play Store, which is comfortably the most popular place for Android users to download new apps. This means that millions of Android users can be exposed to these applications once again. Less than a year after Google kicked them out of the store, that's a concern.

When researchers discovered applications for the first time, malicious apps have been dubbed "creeperware" because of their ability to do just that – crawl with unsuspecting Android users.


Several applications have innocuous names to hide their hostile purposes. Fake text message, for example, is advertised with the slogan "Don't you like your friend's girlfriend?" Well, break them! ”. This comedy app does not immediately advertise itself as an app that can record your screen and your calls. However, others, such as GirlFriend Cell Tracker, are quite explicit about what the app can do.

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