an economic view of & # 39; a hand & # 39; to Nigeria


The failure, of course, would be in our failure to put the country's interests ahead of our personal greed or regional selfishness. So, if this Chinese loan is approved, the country may actually be completed, I heard.

I am sure I have told this story before, but, as I repeat my stories without shame, so that even the deaf can hear, I will tell them again. Once, in a distant country, a company's CEO placed an ad in a news outlet that he wanted a one-handed economist. Not sure how to interpret this, most of those who signed up did not know what to do with the second hand given by God in the interview. Finally, someone was chosen for the position and he had only one question: why was a one-hand economist announced? The chief explained that he was tired of economists who, when asked to give their opinion on a topic, said: "On the one hand … and yet on the other hand".


I came to the firm conclusion that everything in this life is about economics, but I know very little about it. I know, however, that human actions and inactions are invariably motivated by the very important question: what will be the profit of someone who decides not to report for work? So it is for economic reasons that I feed my children, greet my neighbor and generally obey traffic laws. It is also for economic reasons that floods happen, assassins and Nigerian politicians commit atrocities, and ants tend to pull loads that are greater than their weight.

Unfortunately, it is for economic reasons that Nigerian leaders have mentally divided the country since independence, because not everyone talks about the country with a mouth. Most, in fact, have & # 39; two hands on this & # 39 ;. "On the one hand, Nigeria's good is ours, but on the other hand, the prosperity of the people with whom I share the language and culture is more desirable." So, instead of speaking for all the people of this country, most leaders have been making weak pronouncements about the country in general and stronger pronouncements about its separate regions. So, we have long heard clearly that these leaders tell the world how their regions are not benefiting sufficiently from national generosity. Currently, these pronouncements come to mean the individual's desire for greedy action.

For a long time, the many voices from the north, southeast and southwest (not to mention all the other north and south) have made our ears tick with how the interests of their regions have not been served. . We also occasionally hear them crying softly and groaning about the initial problems their regions are experiencing. Very occasionally, we even hear them punishing their wandering children for some non-filial behavior that goes against the interests of their beloved region. However, every day, many of us are involved in actions that are simply not profitable for the country, and no one is punishing us because it is the business of the nation, not the region!


That is why it is possible, I heard, that the political class (made up of politicians, governors, members of the assembly and all other elites who can) dip their long hands into the state treasury, collect large sums and transport them out. country for investment purposes. Unfortunately, they are not investing for you or your offspring or mine. No, honey, they remember when they were investing in houses, hospitals, girls and a little powder to sniff out every now and then. Unfortunately, when things are smelled, the visions become hazy and Jonny Nash's music can be heard clearly: & # 39; Now I can see hazy … & # 39;

This is also why, according to one story (I have many of them), it was possible for some state executives in Nigeria to establish state structures – radio, TV station etc. – with state funds and register them with their own institutions. state names. You see, they were and are cloudy in vision.


Clearly, folks, we're looking at the dark glass, where the truth is hidden in the black darkness. He can see us, but we are so busy admiring our individual and regional images that we can't really see who the most beautiful figure in the room is. Let me tell you, the most beautiful figure is a viable Nigeria, where you and me and our children can grow. This is possible only if the people who are supposed to start speaking for it instead of themselves or their regions. Believe me, no region can be healthy if the whole system is sick.

I know there have been attempts to reshape the sick system, but you agree that they have a weak heart. Some time ago, there was Vision 2010, when 2010 seemed like an eternity and would never really arrive. Unfortunately, it came, and the vision died of it. Then came Vision 2020. Perhaps, because it rhymed a little better, it swung like a carrot stick in front of a horse. Since the year of the horse is coming to an end now, that vision has proved to be the mosquito that will not be swallowed, just nibbled. Then came the agenda of seven or ten points that only the observer could see in fog. And now, no one really knows what to think of her existence: is she dead or alive?

Without a vision, the country moves on, waiting for a kind word from a language that cares about it. Unfortunately, that language doesn't seem to come from you or me. Each of us seems to be more prepared to participate in the spoils that come out of the bowels of this country. The story is of someone who desperately criticized his boss for doing nothing but diverting funds to run the office. When our great critic arrived at the office, however, he was worse than his former boss, whom he had ridiculed.

He swerved more. Unfortunately, this is the history of this country: the history of the economy. Every action can be weighed on the profit and loss scales.


I will finish this piece as I started it. I need an agronomist with one hand to deal with termites and ants eating my lawn, getting everything in and even getting rid of my sugar. But what Nigeria needs is a patriot with one hand who will speak for the entire country, not just for his region; who will take actions that will benefit the whole country, not just their region, and who, please, in the name of decency, will ask everyone to prepare or send.


Just this morning, I heard a discussion on the subject of a loan that our leaders are trying to get from China, but which would involve them in signing Nigeria's sovereignty. My immediate reaction was: are we still healthy in this country? Is it because these current leaders were not involved in the struggle for independence?

Most political leaders must find solutions to their country's problems that guarantee prosperity and, above all, their country's sovereignty. Our leaders, from independence until now, have done nothing but take actions or loans that are sinking the country more and more into the quagmire. They did not care about the fate of current or future generations.

The result is that many would-be great Nigerians went to their graves in despair and, unfortunately, millions will be destined for lives of extreme poverty and great hopelessness. The failure, of course, would be in our failure to put the country's interests ahead of our personal greed or regional selfishness. So, if that Chinese loan is approved, that country could actually be completed.

  • This July 2011 article was updated due to its continued relevance today, unfortunately.

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