AMOTEKUN: Southwestern governors have no good intentions -MURIC


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) director Ishaq Akintola claimed that only Christians are being considered in recruiting Amotekun members.

Amotekun, a regional security device, was recently opened by southwestern governors to assist in the security of the region.


Since then, the federal government has banned the equipment. However, some southwestern leaders insisted that local security equipment was here to stay.

But on a declaration weekend, Akintola said that while MURIC was not against Amotekun, it was against the recruitment process for group members.

Claiming that candidates for the dress "are being asked to bring birth certificates from the church," Akintola accused the six southwestern governors, who are Christians, of making efforts to turn Amotekun into a "crusade militia".


The statement said in part: “We will clarify our position on Amotekun from the beginning. MURIC it is not allergic to any state or region that takes measures to cushion the effect of the security challenges that Nigeria currently faces. But the approach must be transparent, secure and comprehensive, ”he said.

“We have no objections to Amotekun. But "good intent" seems to lack preparations for this as a security unit that will complement the work of conventional security agencies. It seems shrouded in secrecy, while attempts are being made to marginalize Muslims in the recruitment exercise.

“Or as the social media ad in which candidates are being asked to bring birth certificates from the church is described. This is the most scandalous. Amotekun has not started, but we are already seeing symptoms of Christianization and Islamophobia.


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“Do the job openings that Amotekun will surely open mean only for Christians? Are southwestern states declaring their state as Christian states? Are they joining Nyesome Wike of Rivers in a Christian enclave? IS Amotekun a secret Christian army? Only one of the region's five governors is Muslim. Are Christian governors coming together to form a crusade militia?

“Why, then, should applicants bring birth certificates from the churches? Are we sure that this will not be followed by a request for candidates to bring letters of appointment from pastors? Amotekun's handlers owe us an explanation.

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