Amotekun is complementary, says Ofe from Ife


By Evelyn Osagie


Ifit's Ooni, Enitan Adewusi Adeyeye Ojaja ll, argued that the introduction of the “Amotekun” Paramilitary Organization by southwestern governors should not assume the duties of the State or military police.

He said the security organization was created to crack down on the nefarious activities of insurgents and other security threats in the region.

He made the statement at a briefing in Lagos while reacting to the issue of Amotekun being unconstitutional, ”shortly before the organization was declared illegal by the Federal Government.


He revealed that Amotekun's role is not to assume the duties of the state or military police, but to support existing security officers, he urged the organization to have a chance.

“Southwestern governors have decided to come together to establish Amotekun in a complementary way to support Nigeria's already established security systems, such as the police and the armed forces, due to existing security realities. The governors, particularly those of APC, are very close to the federal government and support Nigeria's progress and the good works of that government, ”said Oba Ogunwusi.


According to him, Amotekun should be seen as a complement to contain threats to the insurgency, he said: “There are some isolated places in local communities that the Nigerian military cannot reach. Most of the breakthroughs in attacks by Boko Haram insurgents came as a result of tips from local vigilantes and their traditional rulers and district chiefs.

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“They used to give hints of strange people and movements in their localities. They provide the military with information about where to go and not during these operations. And that helped the Nigerian military move forward.

“Likewise, Amotekun is established in a complementary manner to provide localized intelligent information. And that is the meaning of Amotekun in Yoruba – as the animal dominates its terrain, they dominate the security intelligence of its terrain. "

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