Amazon Prime wants you to cancel your Netflix with the next changes

The battle for £ 5.99 in your monthly budget set aside for streaming services is getting pretty fierce. Netflix, YouTube Premium, NOW TV, Disney +, HayU, Shudder, BritBox, Apple TV + … the list goes on. They all offer sets of mandatory cashiers at a similar fixed monthly cost, with no ads to distract you as you run from episode to episode.

Apparently, Amazon has a new plan to convince you to switch to its on-demand video subscription, known as Prime Video.


According to recent job listings released by the U.S. retail company, Amazon wants to add more live television to its Prime Video service. Unfortunately, the details are clear in the job description, so it is still unclear exactly what the new live TV can bring. However, efforts appear to be in the early stages – so don't expect some new terrestrial-style channels to be launched anytime soon.

One of the jobs currently advertised on Amazon's publicly available listings, the company says it wants to find someone who can "redefine how customers watch 24/7 linear TV content." This is a difficult task.

Whoever fits the project will be tasked with "designing the complete customer experience to discover how customers discover and watch linear TV content". For those who don't know, the TV industry's linear jargon for live television – the opposite of the video-on-demand model anytime and anywhere that Amazon has used in major Prime Video programs so far, such as Good omens and The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, for example.


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According to the listing for the new position, the Prime Video team will be "building next generation linear catalog systems to provide Prime Video customers the best Linear TV experience in its category".


Obviously, this is not the first time that Amazon shows interest in live television. The company has been offering NFL American Football games "Thursday Night Football" on Prime Video for several years. And a new agreement signed in April means it is not scheduled to stop anytime soon.

A little closer to home, Prime Video broadcast two full rounds of Premier League football in December. The pilot was clearly a success, as Amazon confirmed plans to broadcast four more Premier League games of the 2019/2020 season remaining in the coming weeks.

That said, the wording of these job listings suggests that Amazon wants to take things much, much further. Broadcasting live TV all hours of the day and night would really set it apart from Netflix, Shudder, BritBox and Apple TV + and bring it much closer to BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub + and NOW TV, which offer access to live channels .

Prime Video is included as part of the £ 79 per year Prime subscription, which includes next day shipping (and in some areas of the UK – two hours) for thousands of products, unlimited photo storage in the cloud, streaming music from a limited library on your Alexa-enabled smart phone or home gadget and a few more benefits. Amazon also offers Prime Video as a standalone subscription of £ 5.99 per month.


As always, there is no guarantee that these job listings will result in a widely reviewed Prime Video service.


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