ALSO. Joshua offers to pray for COVID-19 patients in isolation centers

By Robert Egbe

Pastor Temitope (TB) General Superintendent of the Synagogue of All Nations (SCOAN) Church Joshua Wednesday offered to pray for virtually the patients of COVID-19 in isolation centers around the world.

The clergyman, in an advertisement on SCOAN's Emmanuel TV YouTube channel, urged medical and government officials to "organize those who are isolated" and "organize how to connect them to us on Emmanuel TV".


"Jesus' blessing is for those who knock and ask," began the announcement. “Whichever way you support it, we are a team; we are not doing more than you ", he added.

Together, we will pray for them. Together, we will be released from this COVID-19, ”the statement continued, citing the biblical reference in Luke 4:40, where Jesus healed“ all who had various types of illness after mass prayer.

"The same anointing that heals a person is also capable of healing everything at the same time," he concluded by calling on all interested parties to contact the church through his e-mail address. [email protected]


Last week, the World Health Organization reacted to a video in which a Cameroonian doctor was "healed" from COVID-19 after receiving "interactive prayer" from Joshua's ministry, recognizing that "spiritual leadership is very important at a time like this".

His testimony was followed days later by two university professors who said they had been cured of the virus, replete with medical reports before and after Emmanuel TV prayers.


Since the beginning of your & # 39; Interactive Prayer & # 39; – in which online prayer is offered by video calls – Joshua's ministry prays for COVID-19 patients from around the world, including citizens of the USA, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras and Cuba.

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