All the games as top European leagues complete

Most of Europe's major leagues are in a position to complete their seasons with an intense summer of football.

The Bundesliga will end before the end of June, with the Premier League and La Liga following in July. But Serie A faces a battle to fit into all their games before 2 August, with UEFA planning to end the Champions League and Europa League for the rest of August.

Only Ligue 1, which reduced its season on April 30 after the French government banned games behind closed doors, it does not plan to end the campaign for the top five leagues.

Here is the complete schedule of all games yet to be played.


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Wednesday, June 17
Aston Villa against Sheffield United
Manchester City – Arsenal


June 27-28, 2020

Leicester City – Chelsea
Newcastle United vs Manchester City
Norwich City vs Manchester United
Sheffield United against Arsenal

July 18-19, 2020



Saturday, August 1



* At the moment, only the first two games of the Premier League season have been confirmed, although the rest of the season must follow the same order of games. The season is expected to end on the weekend of July 25.

A.F.C. Bournemouth against Crystal Palace
Aston Villa – Chelsea
Brighton – Arsenal
Everton – Liverpool
Manchester City vs Burnley
Newcastle United vs Sheffield United
Norwich City – Southampton
Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United
Watford vs Leicester City
West Ham United against Wolverhampton

Burnley v Watford
Chelsea v Manchester City
Leicester City against Brighton
Liverpool – Crystal Palace
Manchester United against Sheffield United
Newcastle United against Aston Villa
Norwich City – Everton
Southampton – Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur against West Ham United
Wolverhampton x A.F.C. Bournemouth

A.F.C. Bournemouth vs Newcastle United
Arsenal – Norwich City
Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton
Brighton vs Manchester United
Crystal Palace against Burnley
Everton – Leicester City
Manchester City – Liverpool
Sheffield United against Tottenham Hotspur
Watford v Southampton
West Ham United – Chelsea

Burnley vs Sheffield United
Chelsea v Watford
Leicester City against Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Aston Villa
Manchester United vs. A.F.C. Bournemouth
Newcastle United vs West Ham United
Norwich City – Brighton
Southampton v Manchester City
Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur
Wolverhampton – Arsenal

A.F.C. Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur
Arsenal – Leicester City
Aston Villa against Manchester United
Brighton – Liverpool
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
Everton – Southampton
Manchester City vs Newcastle United
Sheffield United v Wolverhampton
Watford – Norwich City
West Ham United against Burnley

A.F.C. Bournemouth vs Leicester City
Aston Villa against Crystal Palace
Brighton vs Manchester City
Liverpool vs Burnley
Manchester United against Southampton
Norwich City against West Ham United
Sheffield United – Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur against Arsenal
Newcastle United vs Watford
Wolverhampton – Everton

Arsenal – Liverpool
Burnley v Wolverhampton
Chelsea v Norwich City
Crystal Palace against Manchester United
Everton v Aston Villa
Leicester City against Sheffield United
Manchester City vs. A.F.C. Bournemouth
Newcastle United against Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton v Brighton
West Ham United against Watford

A.F.C. Bournemouth vs Southampton
Aston Villa against Arsenal
Brighton against Newcastle United
Liverpool – Chelsea
Manchester United against West Ham United
Norwich City vs Burnley
Sheffield United against Everton
Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City
Watford vs Manchester City
Wolverhampton v Crystal Palace

Arsenal vs Watford
Burnley v Brighton
Chelsea v Wolverhampton
Crystal Palace against Tottenham Hotspur
Everton x A.F.C. Bournemouth
Leicester City against Manchester United
Manchester City – Norwich City
Newcastle United – Liverpool
Southampton v Sheffield United
West Ham United against Aston Villa

Thursday, June 11
Sevilla FC – Real Betis

Friday, June 12
Granada v Getafe
Valencia – Levante

Saturday, June 13
Espanyol / Alaves
Celta de Vigo against Villarreal
Leganes – Real Valladolid
Mallorca – Barcelona

Sunday, June 14
Athletic Bilbao – Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid – Eibar
Real Sociedad v Osasuna

Monday, June 15
Levante – Sevilla FC
Real Betis against Granada

Tuesday, June 16
Barcelona – Leganes
Getafe – Espanyol
Villarreal – Mallorca

Wednesday, June 17
Eibar against Athletic Bilbao
Osasuna – Atletico Madrid
Real Valladolid – Celta de Vigo

Thursday, June 18
Alaves v Real Sociedad
Real Madrid – Valencia

The following games are listed by date of the round and will be moved to broadcast on television.

Sunday Weekend, June 21
Athletic Bilbao – Real Betis
Atlético de Madrid against Real Valladolid
Celta Vigo against Alaves
Espanyol – Levante
Getafe / Eibar
Granada v Villarreal
Majorca – Leganes
Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid
Sevilla FC – Barcelona
Valencia v Osasuna

Midweek of Wednesday, June 24
Alaves v Osasuna
Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao
Eibar / Valencia
Leganes v Granada
Levante – Atletico Madrid
Real Betis – Espanyol
Real Madrid – Mallorca
Real Sociedad vs Celta Vigo
Real Valladolid – Getafe
Villarreal – Sevilla FC

Sunday Weekend, June 28
Athletic Bilbao v Mallorca
Atlético de Madrid against Alaves
Celta Vigo – Barcelona
Espanyol – Real Madrid
Getafe against Real Sociedad
Granada v Eibar
Levante – Real Betis
Osasuna v Leganes
Sevilla FC – Real Valladolid
Villarreal – Valencia

Midweek of Wednesday, July 1st
Alaves v Granada
Barcelona – Atletico Madrid
Eibar v Osasuna
Leganes – Sevilla FC
Majorca – Celta de Vigo
Real Betis – Villarreal
Real Madrid – Getafe
Real Sociedad – Espanyol
Real Valladolid – Levante
Valencia – Athletic Bilbao

Sunday Weekend, July 5th
Athletic Bilbao – Real Madrid
Atlético de Madrid against Mallorca
Celta Vigo against Real Betis
Espanyol – Leganes
Granada – Valencia
Levante against Real Sociedad
Osasuna / Getafe
Real Valladolid v Alaves
Sevilla FC – Eibar
Villarreal – Barcelona

Midweek of Wednesday, July 8
Athletic Bilbao – Sevilla FC
Barcelona – Espanyol
Celta Vigo against Atlético de Madrid
Eibar v Leganes
Getafe / Villarreal
Majorca – Levante
Real Betis against Osasuna
Real Madrid against Alaves
Real Sociedad – Granada
Valencia vs Real Valladolid

Sunday Weekend, July 12th
Alaves v Getafe
Atlético de Madrid against Real Betis
Espanyol / Eibar
Granada – Real Madrid
Leganes – Valencia
Levante against Athletic Bilbao
Osasuna against Celta Vigo
Real Valladolid – Barcelona
Sevilla FC – Mallorca
Villarreal against Real Sociedad

Midweek of Wednesday, July 15th
Athletic Bilbao v Leganes
Barcelona v Osasuna
Real Betis against Alaves
Celta Vigo against Levante
Eibar against Real Valladolid
Getafe – Atlético de Madrid
Mallorca v Granada
Real Madrid – Villarreal
Real Sociedad – Sevilla FC
Valencia – Espanyol

Sunday Weekend, July 19th
Alaves v Barcelona
Atlético de Madrid against Real Sociedad
Espanyol vs Celta Vigo
Granada – Athletic Bilbao
Leganes – Real Madrid
Levante v Getafe
Osasuna v Mallorca
Real Valladolid vs Real Betis
Sevilla FC – Valencia
Villarreal / Eibar

Saturday, June 13 or Sunday, June 14

Inter Milan – Napoli (total: 0-1)
AC Milan against Juventus (total: 1-1)

Wednesday, June 17

Inter Milan or Napoli against AC Milan or Juventus

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Saturday, June 20
Hellas Verona – Cagliari
Torino v Parma

Sunday, June 21
Atalanta v Sassuolo
Inter Milan against Sampdoria

Monday, June 22
Bologna – Juventus
Fiorentina vs Brescia
Lecce against AC Milan

Tuesday, June 23
Genoa v Parma
Hellas Verona – Napoli
SPAL x Cagliari
Torino v Udinese

Wednesday, June 24
Atalanta v Lazio
Inter Milan against Sassuolo
Roma v Sampdoria

Friday, June 26
Juventus / Lecce

Saturday, June 27
Brescia – Genoa
Cagliari v Torino
Lazio / Fiorentina

Sunday, June 28
AC Milan – Rome
Napoli / SPAL
Parma – Inter Milan
Sampdoria / Bologna
Sassuolo against Hellas Verona
Udinese / Atalanta

Tuesday, June 30
Genoa v Juventus
Torino v Lazio

Wednesday, July 1
Bologna – Cagliari
Fiorentina / Sassuolo
Hellas Verona – Parma
Inter Milan against Brescia
Lecce / Sampdoria
SPAL vs AC Milan

Thursday, July 2
Atalanta v Napoli
Roma vs Udinese

Saturday, July 4th
Juventus vs Torino
Lazio – AC Milan
Sassuolo / Lecce

Sunday, July 5
Brescia against Hellas Verona
Cagliari / Atalanta
Inter Milan – Bologna
Parma against Fiorentina
Sampdoria / SPAL
Udinese – Genoa

Monday, July 6
Napoli v Roma

Tuesday, July 7
AC Milan against Juventus
Lecce v Lazio

Wednesday, July 8
Atalanta v Sampdoria
Bologna v Sassuolo
Fiorentina / Cagliari
Genoa – Napoli
Rome / Parma
Torino v Brescia

Thursday, July 9
Hellas Verona – Inter Milan
SPAL vs Udinese

Saturday, July 11
Brescia v Roma
Juventus / Atalanta
Lazio / Sassuolo

Sunday, July 12
Cagliari / Lecce
Fiorentina – Hellas Verona
Genoa / SPAL
Napoli – AC Milan
Parma v Bologna
Udinese / Sampdoria

Monday, July 13
Inter Milan against Torino

Tuesday, July 14
Atalanta v Brescia

Wednesday, July 15
AC Milan / Parma
Bologna v Napoli
Lecce / Fiorentina
Rome – Hellas Verona
Sampdoria / Cagliari
Sassuolo – Juventus
Udinese – Lazio

Thursday, July 16
SPAL – Inter Milan
Torino v Genoa

Saturday, July 18
AC Milan – Bologna
Cagliari / Sassuolo
Hellas Verona – Atalanta

Sunday, July 19
Brescia / SPAL
Fiorentina v Torino
Genoa v Lecce
Napoli v Udinese
Parma v Sampdoria
Rome – Inter Milan

Monday, July 20
Juventus – Lazio

Tuesday, July 21
Atalanta v Bologna
Sassuolo – AC Milan

Wednesday, July 22
Inter Milan against Fiorentina
Lecce v Brescia
Parma v Napoli
Sampdoria v Genoa
SPAL / Rome
Torino against Hellas Verona

Thursday, July 23
Lazio / Cagliari
Udinese – Juventus

Sunday Weekend, July 26
AC Milan – Atalanta
Bologna v Lecce
Brescia v Parma
Cagliari / Udinese
Genoa – Inter Milan
Hellas Verona – Lazio
Juventus / Sampdoria
Napoli v Sassuolo
Roma v Fiorentina
SPAL x Torino

Week of Tuesday, July 28
Cagliari / Juventus
Fiorentina – Bologna
Hellas Verona / SPAL
Inter Milan – Napoli
Lazio v Brescia
Parma v Atalanta
Sampdoria against AC Milan
Sassuolo – Genoa
Torino v Roma
Udinese / Lecce

Sunday weekend, August 2
AC Milan – Cagliari
Atalanta – Inter Milan
Bologna v Torino
Brescia v Sampdoria
Genoa – Hellas Verona
Juventus / Roma
Lecce / Parma
Napoli v Lazio
Sassuolo against Udinese
SPAL against Fiorentina

Wednesday, June 3
Werder Bremen / Eintracht Frankfurt

Friday, June 5
Freiburg / Borussia Monchengladbach

Saturday, June 6
Bayer Leverkusen against Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund against Hertha Berlin
Eintracht Frankfurt against Mainz
Fortuna Dusseldorf v Hoffenheim
RB Leipzig / Paderborn

Sunday, June 7
Augsburg / Cologne
Union Berlin / Schalke
Werder Bremen – Wolfsburg

Tuesday, June 9

Saarbrucken against Bayer Leverkusen

Wednesday 10 June

Bayern Munich against Eintracht Frankfurt

Friday, June 12
Hoffenheim / RB Leipzig

Saturday, June 13
Bayern Munich against Borussia Monchengladbach
Cologne / Union Berlin
Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Borussia Dortmund
Hertha Berlin against Eintracht Frankfurt
Paderborn against Werder Bremen
Wolfsburg / Freiburg

Sunday, June 14
Mainz – Augsburg
Schalke against Bayer Leverkusen

Tuesday, June 16
Borussia Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg
Freiburg / Hertha Berlin
Union Berlin v Paderborn
Werder Bremen against Bayern Munich

Wednesday, June 17
Augsburg v Hoffenheim
Bayer Leverkusen against Cologne
Borussia Dortmund v Mainz
Eintracht Frankfurt / Schalke
RB Leipzig against Fortuna Dusseldorf

Saturday, June 20
Bayern Munich / Freiburg
Cologne / Eintracht Frankfurt
Fortuna Dusseldorf v Augsburg
Hertha Berlin against Bayer Leverkusen
Hoffenheim / Union Berlin
Mainz against Werder Bremen
Paderborn against Borussia Monchengladbach
RB Leipzig against Borussia Dortmund
Schalke / Wolfsburg

Saturday, June 27
Augsburg / RB Leipzig
Bayer Leverkusen against Mainz
Borussia Dortmund against Hoffenheim
Borussia Monchengladbach against Hertha Berlin
Eintracht Frankfurt against Paderborn
Freiburg / Schalke
Union Berlin against Fortuna Dusseldorf
Werder Bremen against Cologne
Wolfsburg – Bayern Munich

Saturday, July 4th

DFB Pokal Final
Saarbrucken or Bayer Leverkusen against Bayern Munich or Eintracht Frankfurt

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