Akeredolu, unperturbed by the consequences of the role in Amotekun, says the commissioner


  • Atiku supports Amotekun, community, state, zonal policing

Chuks Okocha in Abuja and James Sowole in Akure

Ondo Governor Oluwaroyimi Akeredolu said yesterday that he is not disturbed by the possible consequences of leading southwestern governors in the formation of regional security equipment, Amotekun.

This is coming when former Vice President Atiku Abubakar gave his weight to community policing and Amotekun, insisting that when the federal government fails to meet the challenges of securing lives and property, states have the right to commend federal efforts.


The statement was made in a statement signed by the State Commissioner for Information and Guidance, Mr. Donald Ojogo, against the suggestion that Aketedolu's vanguard position in forming the security team may threaten his ambition for a second term as people of the state go to the vote later this year.


Ojogo said: “In particular, fears and apprehensions are expressed that his role in forming Amotekun could harm his chances in the second term.

“This is far from being true, because Governor Akeredolu is on the path to national cohesion through collaborative internal security.

“The decision made regarding Amotekun was in the interest of the entire nation, but not in the southwest. Political innuendo and blackmail are the necessary ingredients to make it credible. But that will not discourage the governor in any way. "

The commissioner said that political vultures are expected to await an imaginary scenario, especially as the state approaches the governance of the state Ondo in 2020, primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“In word and deed, Governor Akeredolu will not sacrifice the imperative need to make life safer in the southwest, at the altar of political convenience, comfort and partisanship. The welfare of the people must come first.

“Therefore, it is enough for Governor Akeredolu to consider more convincing the need to institutionalize an acceptable and more durable security structure in the southwest.

“For those who have chosen to impose deceptive satisfaction on themselves because of political ambitions, especially in relation to Ondo 2020, the choice is free for them to make.

“People are aware and enlightened enough to discern the currents; and most importantly, the consequences of these choices are lurking in the corners of our collective psyche, waiting to unleash us all.

“Of all the vices, deception is dangerous. It becomes more lethal when it turns into hypocritical humility and pretentious cooperation. It must be said that Governor Akeredolu, who is unaware of human imperfections that are not peculiar to him, prefers to live accepting who he is and loving, rather than pretending to be what he is not, ”said Ojogo.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has given his weight to community policing and Amotekun, insisting that when the federal government fails to meet the challenges of securing lives and property, states have the right to commend federal efforts.

Atiku, in a statement by his media advisor, Paul Ibe said that, as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, the main responsibility of the government, at any level, is the protection of citizens' lives and property.

Consequently, Atiku said that in performing this role, the state employs different layers of measures to ensure effective and efficient policing.

He said that “it is undoubtedly that in the past decade, in particular, the current police administration in our beloved country has been stretched to its limits and it is obvious that the reality of our revolt in domestic security will require us to recalibrate our police systems. ”.

Atiku, a candidate for the PDP presidency in the last election, said that “in the First Republic, before we went too far to the center, policing was done federally, with each authority and native region having some mechanisms to deal with minor disturbances that were common. the security concerns of those times.

“Currently, in Nigeria, there is almost no state of the federation that does not deal with some kind of security challenge. As our security challenges are diverse in form and impact, this is how the centrally controlled police architecture cannot deal exclusively with these challenges ”.

“It is necessary to create additional policing structures in the country to face the growing challenges of insecurity and crime. The time has come to seriously address the reality of insecurity in the country, addressing the urgency of introducing state police, zone police and community policing to complement the efforts of the current federal police.

“It is obvious that the current levels of insecurity in the country are giving rise to major initiatives like Amotekun and the issue need not be controversial in the first place.

"The police are likely to be more effective if they operate constantly in the same community or local government, because that proximity can create a bond with the local population, thus allowing the cooperation and participation of the community that would generate proactive results in preventing crime," stated Atiku

"The security issue must not be politicized and monopolized in the face of our current and alarming security challenges, characterized by the fear of traveling on the highways by citizens who can be intercepted by kidnappers and rescue hostages," he said.

He explained that local policing should not be confused with an effort to hijack the role of the federal police or a competition with the federal government, adding that the obvious inadequacies of the federal police to effectively deal with these growing security challenges make local policing unsafe. just desirable, but also necessary.

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